Bowling Digest’s 2003 Bowling Ball Guide gives you a look at the newest balls from all of the top manufacturers and for every level of roller. After all, whether you’re new to the sport or a skilled pro, you can’t play your best without the right ball for

Bowling Ball Guide 2003: Bowling Digest’s 2003 Bowling Ball Guide gives you a look at the newest balls from all of the top manufacturers and for every level of roller. After all, whether you’re new to the sport or a skilled pro, you can’t play your best without the right ball for your game


The American Pride II is the flagship of Brunswick’s Viz-A-Ball lineup. The Viz-A-Ball process allows Brunswick to print in-demand characters and/or images on the ball in color and brilliant registration. Properties in the Viz-A-Ball lineup include, but are not limited to, Miller Beer, Fred Flintstone, Disney, the NHL, and Major League Baseball.

For more than 40 years, Columbia 300’s White Dot has been setting the standard for value and quality. Bowling has never been more fun–period.

There’s something scary about a spare ball that can look this good and be so deadly. The Ebonite OPTYX Krypt Keeper is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and the impact it will have on your game will have everyone wanting to know what sorts of tricks you have up your sleeve.

Strike back at the competition with the Hammer Everclear. Containing the symbol of Hammer’s strength within its clear polyester shell, this ball is Hammer to the core.

Introducing the only two-piece plastic ball on the market: Lane #1’s Buzzsaw XXXL has the same size, shape, and dynamic patented diamond core as its resin models. So when the lanes are dry, dry, dry, the Buzzsaw XXXL will strike, strike, strike.

A great addition to the Storm line, the new Storm Polyesters are perfect for a night out or everyday use. Put quality and value in your bag with these balls, now available in five vibrant multicolor combinations.

The pins won’t know what hit them after the Ebonite Garfield Ball’s knockout performance. This flying ball of fur is packed with pin-punishing punch and is sure to wreak havoc on the lanes.

Reactive Resin

The Power Groove Reactive features PowrKoil 17, the strongest reactive cover stock ever used on a Groove class ball. Reactive cover stocks respond more aggressively to dry lane surfaces, increasing back-end hooking action and hitting power. The ball also features Brunswick’s new DISC (Differential Increasing Side Cylinders) core technology.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the lanes, Columbia 300’s Piranha is back for those who crave the ultimate challenge. Be prepared for explosive performance, the kind of action that has made the Piranha an all-time favorite. It’s not for the timid, however, so add this monster to your arsenal … if you dare.

The Fuze Igniter will allow you to light it up long and strong, and blast your game to the next level of performance and satisfaction on medium-dry to medium-oily lane conditions. The ball introduces a new, harder version of Brunswick’s Aggressive Reactive Skid/Snap cover stock, designed for more length and a sharper breakpoint.

The Brunswick Inferno’s Activator cover stock combines an Ultra-Low Rg core with the Activator Advanced Reactive cover stock to give it strong midlane recovery, improved traction in the oil, and a smoother, more effective reaction to dry conditions. Inferno’s continuous downlane driving force has the power to bite through carry-down without breaking loose, and it delivers aggressive hooking action from the breakpoint through the pins. When you need power, it’s time for the Inferno.

The Monster Frenzy’s low-Rg core combined with N’Control PowerStock skid/snap reactive cover stock produces a wild reaction that clears the front and explodes on the back end. Best of all, this Brunswick product provides the versatility you would expect from a high-priced ball. With the Frenzy, you’ll discover better midlane recovery and smoother control–with the length and back end you’re looking for.

The Monster SmashR separates the big hitters from the rest. With the Monster SmashR, Brunswick has moved its popular PowrKoil 18 Reactive cover stock system to the mid-price point to deliver the most aggressive reactive ball reaction in its class.

Give your game Columbia 300’s Flipside balls. The Wild [left] crashes the party in its ruby, gold, and royal pearl splendor. Its partner, Wicked, with its lightning speed and delightful mix of black, red, and teal, destroys even the fiercest opponents.

The Messenger Titanium Pearl features the same core technology as Columbia 300% original Messanger Titanium–a titanium nugget that generates a higher rate of rotation and more hook potential–but it has a pearlized Super-Flex shell, which creates more length to easily get through the heads and give a sharper turn at the breakpoint for more back-end reaction.

Changing lane conditions aren’t a problem for Ebonite’s OPTYX Illusion. Its Xenox asymmetric core design and Big Daddy cover create a smoother transition when encountering lane friction, while still maintaining a continuous back end.

The TPC Shooter’s Big Daddy cover is Ebonite’s most aggressive combination of midlane roll and strong breakpoint. Add the back-end of a versatile propeller core and you get a ball that offers more “mistake room,” a greater angle of entry, and a better carry percentage than other polished reactives.

Hammer’s Blade Reactive is the choice when you want hooking action at the breakpoint but need enough power to slice through the pins at a sharp angle. Perfect for heavy, oil, it utilizes the Power Trak SF-26 reactive veneer and the modified classic Hammer inner core.

When you need more power, you need Hammer’s Diesel Reactive Pearl. Boasting the Diesel Core design and the Power Trak veneer, this ball isn’t afraid to go barreling down dry lanes.

Incorporating an inverted modified two-piece core and Storm’s finest Pearl Curelyon reactive cover stock, the Hot Rod goes through dry heads with ease.

The inverted weight block assures an earlier midlane read than comparable pearl balls for increased back-end energy.

Available in both a solid [above] and pearlized shell, Storm’s Big Hit is guaranteed to be a home run. A new four-piece design and PRO-Glide reactive cover combine to produce more hook than the three-piece design.

A traditional three-piece design and PRO-Glide reactive cover combine to generate tremendous length and smooth back end, making Storm’s Hit the best choice on dry lanes for any bowler. Also available in red.

The versatile Storm Shock Trauma is engineered with a split-density weight block and ACCU-Tread solid reactive cover stock to perform on a variety of medium to heavy oil conditions.

The X Factor’s engineering allows a multitude of drilling options and reaction characteristics in order to cater to a bowler’s specific needs. It also features Storm’s RAD weight block design–with a powerful DISK at its nucleus–and an ACCU-Tread Mystic Pearl Reactive cover stock with less MICA additive for increased surface contact.

Thanks to Hammer’s Vicious Reactive Pearl, medium oil lanes have met their match. With its PowerGrip Pearl Reactive SF-36 cover stock and Vicious core design, this ball will give you a phenomenal angle at the breakpoint.

The Buzzsaw XL glides through the midlane, saving all of its energy for the back end. With a combination of Lane #1’s patented diamond core and beautiful midnight blue pearl extra-length reactive cover stock, this ball will dazzle the eyes and pins–even on tough, dry conditions.

Lane #1’s Buzzsaw/C2 has been transformed into both a beautiful Emerald Pearl and a Blueberry [right]. The Xtra length reactive cover is clean through the front, so it stores more energy for the back end.

With its combination of a low-flaring cut-diamond core and the Xtra strength Rhino Pro Reactive cover, Lane #1’s Pearl Viper offers the power and control needed to conquer tough, spotty, or sport conditions.

Particle Urethane

The Fuze Eliminator from Brunswick offers performance and control by combining a low-load proactive cover stock with a geometrically balanced low Rg core system. This dynamic combination provides an excellent read of the oil pattern without underreacting in the wet or overreacting in the dry. With the versatility and forgiveness of the Eliminator, you’ll discover more traction in the oil and smoother, more continuous recovery from the dry.

Move all the way up to a Power Groove Proactive. Brunswick’s Proactive cover stock technology increases hooking action and traction through heavier amounts of oil by adding texturizing particles that create a tread-like surface. The Power Groove Proactive also includes Brunswick’s new DISC (Differential Increasing Side Cylinders) core technology.

Discover the superior traction and big hook of the Swamp Monster. Utilizing a new Aggressive Reactive cover stock, Brunswick has added an ultra high load of proactive particles to create a ball that sets a new standard in the mid-price proactive/particle category.

You’ll say, “Wow” when you experience the performance of the newest and strongest addition to Columbia 300’s Flipside family. The WOW! takes a liking to heavy oil and has plenty left for an aggressive Flipside reaction on the back end. It all starts with the new Ultimate Friction in Oil (UFO) particle–a technology that’s truly out of this world. It’s combined with a medium Rg core that creates four to five inches of track flare so you can leave your spare ball in the bag.

What’s in a name? If you’re talking about the Columbia 300 Icon, there’s plenty. For starters, it delivers unprecedented versatility in oil. And its Muscle cover stock is like two balls in one: It provides strong hook with continuous back-end motion when sanded and aggressive skid/flip reaction when polished. So whether you want power and hook in heavy oil or superior back-end reaction on medium lane conditions, this is your ball. The Columbia 300 Icon is the name everyone will remember–especially your competition.

When it comes to lane conditions, you have to be ready for anything. That’s why you need the Columbia 300 Icon2, featuring the new Muscle cover stock. The Icon2 maintains the versatility of the original Icon while producing a later and stronger move on the back end. If you haven’t already added a little muscle to your game, here’s your chance.

The fearless, Icon300 puts on a stunning performance. It features Columbia 300’s MusclePlus cover stock. The MusclePlus incorporates a large, solid additive that creates a more porous shell, which offers more teeth to bite through heavy oil. This cover stock gives the Icon300 the most hook of any ball in the Icon family and provides a strong, continuous motion.

Columbia 300’s Scout/R Particle delivers the power, performance, and price to turn any bowler into a happy camper. Also available in the Scout line are the Scout Reactive and the original Scout, with its non-reaction cover stock. Any way you choose, this line is all you need to send the pins packing–Scout’s honor.

Both tournament and league players enjoy the boost in confidence in heavier oil conditions they get from Ebonite’s Apex Addiction. With 2% silica particle loading in its Big Daddy particle resin cover stock, the Apex Addiction creates more overall hook potential and a stronger breakpoint angle than the original Addiction. It also boosts Addiction’s strength in tong oil, carrydown situations and “out of bounds” areas. The low Rg modified Fusion core features lower core torque to promote the stronger revving motion required for more consistency in the midlane.

Ebonite introduces the Predator Jungle Green. A rare combination of the Big Bang particle resin cover stock used on its famous Apex Adrenaline and the medium Rg, high-flare core of the Savage line gives this ball plenty of bang for the buck. The Predator Jungle Green’s reaction is cleaner through the fronts than both the Adrenaline and Savage, with a strong recovery in the back end. To top it off, Ebonite offers the ball at an extremely attractive price. The hunt for a top performer that doesn’t cost top dollar is over.

When the lanes are playing straight and you can’t wrinkle the ball an inch, Hammer’s Blade Particle is your only choice. With Power Trak–a strong particle veneer–and the Classic Hammer inner core design, Blade Particle is your savior when you need to slice and dice your opponent.

When you’re looking to dominate on medium to heavily oil lane conditions, you need the Diesel Particle. This Hammer ball has an unparalleled core cover symmetry, which–when combined with its Power Trak particle veneer and the powerful Diesel inner core design–will penetrate even the slickest oil conditions.

When the lane conditions start to break down, don’t even think about moving off of your lucky mark. Hammer’s Vicious Particle Pearl offers the reliability you need to go clean through the fronts and turn on a dime on the back end. Thanks to its all-new low mass bias asymmetric core along with the Power Whip SF-33 Particle veneer and pearlized cover stock–this go-to ball always performs under pressure.

* Lane #1’s beautiful purple Pearl Carbide Bomb glides straight through its launch, turns hard, and locks on to its target for a clean finish.

Lane #1 combines the length of its flip block diamond core with the early-revving action of its dual-stacked, mini-diamond nuggets to create the most powerful motor in bowling. Also featuring the new Enhanced Carbide Particle Formula cover stock, this Super Carbide Bomb explodes pins on even the oiliest conditions.

Designed for longer light oil patterns, Storm’s Core Power HRG features a Tri-Density core design that delivers a higher radius of gyration. Combined with Storm’s popular PRO-Thane LT-Plus pearl particle cover stock, the Core Power HRG goes clean through the heads and offers a resounding back-end reaction.

Based on proven principles of ball design, the Storm Core Power LRG is a serious performer on a variety of conditions. Its innovative design produces a very fast-revving midlane motion and ultimately unleashes a ferocious back-end reaction. And its versatile cover stock combines the predictability of particle shells with the entry angle of reactives.

The Eraser Blaze features the new Cadmium (Computer Aided Design Mixture Integrating Unique Materials) cover stock, Storm’s exclusive particle and reactive urethane blend that delivers resounding length through the heads and mild mid-lane acceleration. This Eraser Blaze generates a fiery back-end reaction for booming pin action on medium to lighter oil conditions.

A new porous particle Chrome Cadmium cover stock gives the Storm Eraser Boost ball a boost when encountering heavier oil conditions. And although it’s factory polished, the Eraser Boost provides outstanding grip in oil. Plus, the Cadmium cover stock is easily adjusted if additional surface is needed on heavier oil patterns.


There was a time when balance, weight, and size were the only

significant criteria for a bowling ball. But as ball production

evolved, the weight block became an important factor. Today,

similar technological advances have increased the impact of

cover stock, where reactive urethane surfaces are now prevalent

due to their high arc, power, and consistency. Polyester balls

are recommended for beginners and casual bowlers, while particle

urethane cover stocks are a high-performance option.

Reactive Particle

Brunswick Resin Urethane Polyester Urethane

Fuze Eliminator * *

Fuze Igniter *

Inferno *

Monster Frenzy *

Monster SmashR

Power Groove Proactive * *

Power Groove Reactive

Swamp Monster *

Viz-A-Ball *

Columbia 300

Flipside Wicked *

Flipside Wild *

Flipside WOW! *

Icon *

Icon2 *

Icon300 *

Messenger Titanium Pearl *

Piranha *

Scout *

Scout/R Particle *

Scout Reactive *

White Dot *


Apex Addiction *

Garfield Ball *

OPTYX Illusion *

OPTYX Krypt Keeper *

Predator Jungle Green *

TPC Shooter *


Blade Particle *

Blade Reactive *

Diesel Particle *

Diesel Reactive Pearl *

Everclear *

Vicious Particle Pearl *

Vicious Reactive Pearl *

Lane #1

Buzzsaw/C2 *

Bu77saw XL *

Buzzsaw XXXL *

Pearl Carbide Bomb *

Pearl Viper *

Super Carbide Bomb *


Big Hit *

Core Power HRG *

Core Power LRG *

Eraser Blaze *

Eraser Boost *

Hit *

Hot Rod *

Shock Trauma *

Storm Polyesters

X Factor * *



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