Quick Quiz – basketball quiz – Brief Article

1. Can you name the three professional basketball teams to play in Memphis before the Grizzlies?

2. True or false: Vancouver’s six NBA seasons represent the shortest tenure for any NBA city in history.

3. In the 2001 NBA draft, the Washington Wizards made Kwame Brown the first high-schooler ever selected No. 1 overall. Name the previous highest-drafted high-schooler in NBA history.

4. What do Mamadou N’daiye of the Toronto Raptors and Anthony Carter of the Miami Heat have in common?

5. By sweeping through three of four playoff series and winning the 2000-01 NBA title, the Los Angeles Lakers made history with a 15-1 (.938) playoff record. What team had the previous best postseason run?

6. The Lakers have made the playoffs more often than any other team. The 2000-01 playoffs marked now many total postseasons for the team?

7. Shaquille O’Neal owns the top career field-goal percentage in NBA Finals play (minimum 50 attempts) at 59.8%. Can you name the two Chicago Bulls in the top five all-time?

8. Through the 2000-01 season, four players are on both the top 40 all-time points scored and top 20 all-time assists list. Name the four.

9. True or false: 82 games is the record for games played in a season, and hundreds of players have a share of that record.

10. No team won 60 or more games in 2000-01, the first time that’s happened in a full NBA season since 1978-79. What was the top record in 1978-79?

Quick Quiz Answers

1. All three were ABA teams: the Memphis Pros (1970-72), Tams (1972-74), and Sounds (1974-75). 2. False. Four cities have hosted an NBA team for just one season: the Pittsburgh Ironmen (1946-47), Anderson Packers (1949-50), Sheboygan Redskins (1949-50), and Waterloo Hawks (1949-50). 3. Darius Miles was selected third overall by the Los Angeles Clippers in 2000. 4. They were both born on June 16, 1975. 5. Newly-minted Hall-of-Famer Moses Malone’s “Fo, Fo, Fo” run in 1982-83 found his Philadelphia 76ers going 12-1 (.923) en route to the title. 6. 49. 7. John Paxson (56.9%) is second all-time, and Luc Longley (55.1%) ranks fifth. 8. Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Reggie Theus, and Isiah Thomas. 9. False. Walt Bellamy played an astounding 88 games for the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons during the 1968-69 season, 10. The Washington Bullets topped the league at 54-28. Photo: Micheal Williams made 97 consecutive free throws for the Minnesota Timberwolves from March 24 to Nov. 9, 1993.

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