The Level IX holster

The Level IX holster – Handgun Leather

Cameron Hopkins

Blame Safariland for all this level-stuff. Trying to easily describe the degree of retention capability of different holsters, Safariland’s marketing department came up with the notion of rating holsters — theirs of course — on a scale of one to three.

Using Roman numerals because they’re somehow more imposing — think Super Bowl LXVIII — the Safariland system culminates in the Level III triple-secret-retention SSIII model that features not one, not two, but three separate locking devices, or methods, or ideas, or somethings.

Now enter (drum-roll please) the Level IX holster, the LASH from Phalanx Corporation. Entirely self-dubbed, the Level IX LASH holster seems to defy the usual logic. The company claims the LASH features “nine levels of retention,” yet I can find exactly one retention mechanism, a plug that prevents the gun from being drawn.

However, I did notice that each LASH is shipped with the following items: one training video, one safety booklet, two orange plastic dummy rounds, one safety plug, one combination barrel blocking rod, one combination lock, one keyed lock and one hex wrench.

Adding it up, I came to — cue the Twilight Zone music — exactly nine items. You don’t suppose?

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