The Kandy-Colored Tangerine-Flake Streamlined Holster

The Kandy-Colored Tangerine-Flake Streamlined Holster

Dave Anderson

The CR Speed design is deceptively simple. It consists of two main parts: the belt loop, which locks securely to the belt with Allen-head screws, and the holster body, which is simply a synthetic spin that secures the handgun at muzzle and trigger guard. Yet for all its apparent simplicity, the CR Speed can be adapted to both Open and Limited class pistols, barrel lengths from 3″ to 7″, left- or right-hand use, and provides a wide range of adjustments for rake and distance from the body.

The colorful holster–several color options are available–was set up to accept an Open class STI Competitor pistol. No problems were encountered in assembly or fitting. Draws from the CR Speed proved fast and consistent.

Security is provided by a synthetic retainer clipped to the pistol’s trigger guard, which releases only when the gun is drawn straight up. Properly adjusted, it provides a good balance of speed and security. The lever on the holster body is for additional security during strenuous physical activity. Pushed forward, it locks the gun in the holster. I tried pulling the gun from the locked position; it soon became evident that something would break before the gun would come free.

The CR Speed comes in two models. Model A will accept 1911-style pistols, STI/SV, Tanfoglio/CZ, Bul M5, Beretta, SIG, and other semiautos with similar trigger guard widths. Model G is for Glocks (specify model) and a model for the HK USP should be available soon.

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