Tetra gun tests tough

Tetra gun tests tough

John Morrison

My first thought when I opened the box was, “I’m the wrong guy for this.” I’m not picky about the oils and lubes I use on firearms, I’m nasty-hyper-critical, in the way only people who have shot for their lives can be. I don’t have brand-name loyalty, just reliability-loyalty. “Wrong guy,” I muttered, “to send this advertiser-slurry.”

That was six months ago. My standards haven’t changed, but my gun care products have. Tetra Gun makes a complete line of quality arms care products, centered on their non-petroleum, fluoropolymer-based lubricants.

If you’re not familiar with fluoropolymer, it’s slicker than owl snot — that’s a technical term — and it actually bonds into most metals rather than just lying on top of them. All the lubes are stable from 100 degrees below zero to 750 above, beyond which I’m pretty much null and void anyway. They also have a seizure point 10 times higher than my FFL — Former Favorite Lubricant, I mean — and three times higher than my FE cleaner-preservative. The tech data is impressive, but I was more impressed with the results I saw, felt and touched.

The liquid lubricant and bore conditioner already has a lot of good press, mostly from handloaders who claim some pretty striking velocity gains. Start with a clean, dry, warm barrel and make about 20 wet-patch passes, then 20 dry swabs to bed the particles and remove excess carrier. Expect the first couple of shots to be flyers, and you’re done. Repeat every 1,000 rounds.

I don’t play with chronographs much, but I was really impressed with the very visible decrease in barrel fouling, and that’s got to mean lower friction. This lube is for slides, rails, bushings — anywhere you need good lube to migrate. I’ll save the best for later.

The Gun Grease is your basic heavy-duty camming, ramming, anti-jamming treatment. It’s goose-crap-slick, but stays put where you apply it better than anything I’ve used in 40-plus years, especially in extreme heat. And there’s that “best” part.

Tetra’s spray Cleaner & Light Lubricant is, for my money, the shining star of their lineup, and by far the best triple-threat product I’ve used. The solvent action is terrific, even removing crud from three pistols I had just cleaned with my EEL — a real crunch test. Just clean thoroughly, wipe dry, and you’re left with both a nice level of lubrication and a residual dry finish like a fine, hard wax that slides over fabric and leather, but has just the slightest “tack” to bare fingers.

I was so tickled with this stuff, it was embarrassing. I hate that. So I hammered it for six months, from southern California’s muggy summer heat through sand-blasting, grit-blowing winds in the Nevada desert, freezing fall rains, heavy, wet snows and 14-below in the high Rockies. I’m still tickled, but no longer embarrassed. I’m sold.

And that best part? This fluouropolymer stuff just does not seem to attract lint, dust and grit. I’m sure it has something to do with runaway electrons and missing protons, and I don’t care. It works. Tetra-Gun gets my business, and my hard-won trust.

For complete product information and on-line ordering, log onto www.tetraproducts.com

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