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Mitch Rosen FOFO – Gunnysack

Charles E. Petty

There isn’t much new to say about Mitch Rosen’s holsters. They are lovely. But they’re also a mite pricey because of all that neat hand work, so Rosen has created the “Express Line” that offers basically the same holster designs with less hand boning and a correspondingly lower price. The other cool thing about them is many are available from inventory.

The latest is the FOFO, which stands for “fast-on-fast-off.” It’s Rosen’s answer to the paddle holster and overcomes some of their drawbacks in terms of concealability and is decidedly more comfortable. This is a belt holster but the belt loop has a lift-the-dot fastener to permit it to be. put on or taken off with relative ease. The design is such that the gun is held close to the body — much closer than with a paddle. This is accomplished with a clever belt loop arrangement. The leather that forms the belt loop is sewn to the top of the holster and molded for clearance of a 1 1/2″ belt. There’s a small piece of leather sewn to the holster body that has the other piece of the fastener and maintains proper clearance for the belt.

As with all of Rosen’s holsters they are designed to fit a specific width of belt and this is one of the secrets to a good carry rig. If there is something more unstable than a holster made for 1 1/2″ being hung on a 1″ belt I’m not sure what it is. This paints a whole new picture for “slip-slidin” away.

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