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Good News, Bad News

Good News, Bad News

J.D. Jones

The bad news is the Thompson/Center Contender has been discontinued. The good news is the Contender will be replaced with a new model Contender displaying the same great handling characteristics as the original. Currently manufactured Contender barrels will fit the new gun.

Look for an Encore-type action in the new gun. The new T/C is intended to be a basic lightweight handgun in size and cartridge-handling capabilities. The form and function of the original Contender will be maintained.

The new T/C is not intended to compete in calibers with the Encore, but it will safely handle anything the Encore can digest. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it. An inside source at T/C says he intends to have the gun in dealers hands “before the end of 2001.”

There are quite a few of the existing Contenders in the pipeline, and if you want one of them with the “set trigger,” I would advise not waiting.

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