Helmsley’s Friend – Patrick Ward, CEO of Helmsley Enterprises

Helmsley’s Friend – Patrick Ward, CEO of Helmsley Enterprises – Brief Article

In October, New York tabloids were trumpeting the story that Leona Helmsley was being squired around town by Patrick Ward, whom they described as the latest in a series of suitors to the 80-year-old billionaire. Now Mr. Ward has assumed a more official role in the real-estate empire she inherited from her late husband, Harry Helmsley.

Helmsley spokesman Howard Rubenstein confirms that Mr. Ward has been named chief operating officer of Helmsley Enterprises. “He’s quite valuable and doing an excellent job,” Mr. Rubenstein says.

Mr. Ward, 47, who didn’t return calls, already has begun making changes at Helmsley Enterprises. He just chose new general managers for Helmsley’s Park Lane and Carlton Hotels and is planning to add other staff.

Mr. Rubenstein denies the rumors that Mr. Ward and Mrs. Helmsley were romantically involved. “They’re just friends,” he says.

The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 6

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