TEI’s 2000-2001 Leadership Team

TEI’s 2000-2001 Leadership Team

At the Board of Directors meeting held Saturday, March 18, 2000, in conjunction with TEI’s 50th Midyear Conference, Betty Wilson, 2000-2001 President-elect, announced that the following individuals would serve in leadership positions during the coming year. They will take office August 8, 2000.

Officers and

Executive Committee(*)


Betty M. Wilson (EC)

Arizona Chapter

Senior Vice President

Robert L. Ashby (EC)

Nashville Chapter


J.A. (Drew) Glennie (EC)

Calgary Chapter


Raymond G. Rossi (EC)

Santa Clara Valley Chapter

Region I Vice President

Sabatino Meffe

Montreal Chapter

Region II Vice President

Richard N. Kappler

Rochester Chapter

Region III Vice President

Paul O’Connor

New England Chapter

Region IV Vice President

Leslie J. Rachocki

Cleveland Chapter

Region V Vice President

Eileen D. Frack

Northeast Wisconsin


Region VI Vice President

Janet M. Wilson

Houston Chapter

Region VII Vice President

Mitchell S. Trager (EC)

Atlanta Chapter

Region VIII Vice President

Charles R. Conradi

San Francisco Chapter

Executive Committee Member

David L. Bernard (EC)

Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

Executive Committee Member

Stephen W. Boocock (EC)

Pittsburgh Chapter

Executive Committee Member

Michael P. Boyle (EC)

Seattle Chapter

Executive Committee Member

Judith P. Zelisko (EC)

Chicago Chapter

Committee Chairs

Advanced Technology

Susan A. Bauer

Atlanta Chapter

Advisory Committee

to the President

Lester D. Ezrati

Santa Clara Valley Chapter


Terilea J. Wielenga

Orange County Chapter

Canadian Commodity Tax

Glen S. Pye

Toronto Chapter

Canadian Income Tax

David M. Penney

Toronto Chapter


Gareth E. Glaser

Fort Worth Chapter

Continuing Education

Robert L. Ashby

Nashville Chapter

Corporate Tax Management

Carol W. Garnant

Chicago Chapter

E-Commerce Coordinating


Lisa Norton

New Jersey Chapter

Federal Tax

Patrice H. Halbach

Minnesota Chapter

Internal Affairs & Nominating

Charles W. Shewbridge, III

Atlanta Chapter

International Tax

Reginald G. Young, Jr.

Chicago Chapter

IRS Administrative Affairs

Robert J. McDonough, Jr.

New England Chapter


Vincent Alicandri

Toronto Chapter

State and Local Tax

Bruce J. Reid

Seattle Chapter

(*) (EC) Denotes Executive Committee member.

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