TEI Receives IRS Commissioner’s Award

TEI Receives IRS Commissioner’s Award

Citing Tax Executives Institute’s co-sponsorship of the January conference on IRS modernization, IRS Commissioner Charles O. Rossotti awarded TEI the Commissioner’s Award, the highest honor the IRS chief can give. At an award ceremony at IRS headquarters on May 1, the Commissioner recognized the combined efforts of TEI, the American Bar Association, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the American Tax Policy Institute, and the National Association of Enrolled Agents in producing the two-day conference, The New IRS Stands Up: What the Modernized Agency Means for You. TEI General Counsel and Director of Tax Affairs Timothy J. McCormally accepted the award on behalf of the Institute.

“Working together with IRS employees, these groups provided the invaluable expertise and knowledge that was absolutely necessary in the effort to put together a useful program for the practitioner community,” Commissioner Rossotti stated. “Because of this partnership, we at the IRS will be better able to achieve our mission”

Calling the conference an overwhelming success, the Commissioner explained that the goal was to create a public-private forum to discuss the significance, complexity, and magnitude of the changes that the IRS faces today and in the future. Discussions at the conference focused on critical policy and administrative tax law issues directly affecting the accomplishment of the IRS’s mission. TEI’s President Charles W. Shewbridge, III, Treasurer Robert L. Ashby, and Executive Director Michael J. Murphy participated in the program, which attracted approximately 300 registrants at the conference site and many more participants through a satellite hook-up.

“TEI did not approach this project to receive any honors,” Mr. Shewbridge stated. “We believed that the conference was an effective means of informing our members and other taxpayers about the momentous changes caused by the IRS reorganization. We are delighted that Commissioner Rossotti found our efforts worthy of this honor.”

The five co-sponsoring organizations presented the Commissioner with a framed photograph to commemorate his participation in the program.

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