TEI Members Commended for Helping IRS

TEI Members Commended for Helping IRS

Four members of TEI and a member of the Institute’s staff have been commended by the Internal Revenue Service for participating in an IRS task force on improving the role of specialist in the Coordinated Examination Program. The task force, which commenced worked in April 1998, recently completed work on a comprehensive report that is reprinted in this issue of The Tax Executive. Please refer to the report for a detailed description of the task force’s work and the numerous meetings that were held, including several involving TEI members from throughout the country.

The TEI representatives on the IRS Customer Satisfaction Task Force on Specialists were led by Stephen W. Boocock of Allegheny Teledyne, who recently completed a two-year term as chair of the Institute’s IRS Administrative Affairs Committee. He was joined by three other members of the committee — T. Norman Bush of Fort James Corporation, Lonnie F. Nicol of Alcoa Inc., and David R. Seltzer of Hewlett-Packard Company — as well as Timothy J. McCormally, TEI’s General Counsel and Director of Tax Affairs.

Each member of the TEI group received a formal certificate of recognition from the IRS, which was signed by Thomas W. Wilson, Jr., Assistant Commissioner (Examination). In forwarding the certificates, Mr. Wilson wrote the following about the group:

[Each TEI representative’s] contributions were invaluable to the success of

the task force. He interacted in multi-level Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

environment of National Office staff personnel, upper level to front level

managers, and bargaining unit employees, obtaining knowledge of IRS

processes and making positive recommendations for change.

It was necessary for [each member of TEI’s team] to accept ongoing interruption from his corporate obligations and make personal commitments for travel from May 1998 through December 1998. He provided the group with keen insight into taxpayer burden and astute observations for process change to minimize that burden…. [TEI] team members worked diligently at gathering information from other members, determining their most important needs, while maintaining taxpayer privacy.

TEI’s president, Charles W. Shewbridge, III, seconded Mr. Wilson’s commendation. “The group’s service on the task force not only burnished TEI’s reputation and credibility, but also contributed to an initiative that should lead to major improvements in how corporate taxpayers interact with IRS personnel on specialist issues. I thank Steve, Norm, Lonnie, Dave, and Timothy for their efforts. Because TEI promised to maintain their confidentiality, we cannot identify the nearly 20 other members who also contributed to the task force’s work, by agreeing to share their own experiences with the entire task force and then reacting to suggested changes. Nevertheless, I want to acknowledge that, without their help, the task force’s report would not have been as complete.” Mr. Shewbridge added that the successful involvement of TEI representatives on the IRS specialists task force underscored the desirability of taxpayers and the IRS working together to addresses the challenges facing the tax system.3

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