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Revenu Quebec Forms Available on the Internet

Revenu Quebec Forms Available on the Internet

The website of the Ministry of Revenue of Quebec has a new feature — interactive electronic forms that can be completed on-line and printed out. These forms can be accessed by clicking on Electronic Forms, a new page on the Revenu Quebec site. The Ministry invites tax specialists to use the forms related to the 1998 personal income tax return, which will be added as they become available in electronic format (by the end of March 1999). Click on Electronic Forms regularly to keep abreast of the latest updates.

At present, the number of interactive forms available is limited. Revenu Quebec is counting on taxpayers and interested parties to send suggestions and comments via the Internet, so that the Electronic Forms page can be augmented and improved. To access the forms and complete them by entering data directly on a desktop computer, use version 3.01 of Acrobat Reader (available without cost from Adobe Systems Incorporated). In order to save the data you enter, however, you must use Acrobat Exchange, for which a fee is charged.

Since 1996, all of the forms Revenu Quebec publishes have been available on the Forms page of the Revenu Quebec website. Although these forms are not interactive, they can be printed out and then completed.

Visit the website of the Ministry of Revenue of Quebec at:

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