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21st Century Tax Department: One Man’s Vision.

21st Century Tax Department: One Man’s Vision. – book reviews

Richard W. Smith

Bryant Blewett’s book, 21st Century Tax Department: One Man’s Vision, is an enjoyable read. Mr. Blewett writes in a simple, straightforward style with many humorous anecdotes and no Code sections. I believe it a perfect textbook for running a corporate tax department. I also think it is an excellent book for MBA candidates. Indeed, I feel it is a “must read” for people desiring to move up in corporate tax departments, those aspiring to be Controllers and Chief Financial Officers, and those who want to move up in CPA and law firms where they will be required to develop clients. I’m glad to see someone taking the time to write and publish a practical book about corporate tax administration.

The book teaches some very different and unique things associated with taxes … such as how to depreciate cockroaches. On a more serious note, readers will gain insights into dealing with CEOs and CFOs, how to work with attorneys and outside experts, and how to develop meaningful professional relationships with the Internal Revenue Service. Toss in some poetry and travel tips and you have a book you can take on a business trip, read in a relatively short period of time, and start using its suggestions at your next meeting. Mr. Blewett’s travel tips can be useful before you get off the plane. There are checklists at the end of each chapter for easy reference which are helpful and can be adapted to fit many business situations.

Candor requires me to acknowledge that I am a friend of Bryant Blewett. Even if I were not, however, I would have enjoyed reading and reviewing the book. It’s a gem. I could go on and on, but it’s tax season and I’m a sole practitioner as well as a part-time professor.

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