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Answerline improves your ROI – CalCPA News – return on investment

Answerline improves your ROI – CalCPA News – return on investment – Brief Article

Just as you advise clients to put their investments to work for them, you should do the same. Your CalCPA membership represents a valuable investment for your practice. If managed properly, it certainly will improve your return on investment.

Are you aware that your membership entitles you to many free services? One of those services is CalCPA’s Accounting & Auditing Answerline.

The A&A Answerline offers nonauthoritative answers to questions covering auditing, accounting, financial statement preparation, attestation services and compilation and review services.

Answerline staff help members:

* Define the issues involved;

* Refer to authoritative literature and outline the basics; and

* Give an interpretation of authoritative literature.

Most A&A Answerline calls are resolved in five to 15 minutes. Answers range from providing a simple reference to authoritative literature, to solving all of the caller’s problems on certain issues.

In short, the A&A Answerline saves you research time–and that goes right to your bottom line.

Call the A&A Answerline at (800) 9225272, ext. 2355 or fax (650) 802-2350.

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