Running away from depression – how running controls depression symptoms – Brief Article

Although no one should throw out a prescription for antidepressants or discontinue psychotherapy or counseling, you should know that running can be as effective in controlling the symptoms of major depression as medication. In a recent study, 156 men and women with major depression either exercised for 40 minutes three times a week, took a prescription antidepressant, or exercised and took an antidepressant. Symptoms responded more quickly to medication, but over the long run exercise worked just as well. In another study with animal subjects, results showed the best results with physical activity and antidepressant medication.

For more information, visit the Web site of the National Institutes of Mental Health at and keep running.

(Archives of Internal Medicine, 1999, Vol. 159, No. 19, pp. 2349-2356; Behavioral and Brain Research, 2001, Vol. 120, No. 1, pp. 87-95)

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