Breastfeeding moms can work out intensely

Breastfeeding moms can work out intensely – American Running Association

Research conducted in the past suggested that infants object to breastfeeding after moms have an intense workout. Now, the standard theory (that increased levels of lactic acid in breast milk make it unpalatable) is being challenged by new research. Before, women were advised to avoid breastfeeding after intense workouts making it logistically very difficult to time a quality workout around breastfeeding schedules.

In the study, 24 women with newborns expressed their milk one hour before and one hour after intense exercise, and after moderate exercise, and at rest. The babies were fed from the bottled milk and the moms rated each feeding while lactation consultants (blinded to the conditions) viewed and rated videotapes of the feedings. There were no differences among the ratings of the various conditions despite small levels of lactic acid present in the milk taken after maximal exercise.

The authors concluded that high-intensity exercise during lactation does not impede infant acceptance of breast milk. This is good news for running moms who want to take advantage of the growing array of health advantages for breastfed babies including lower rates of obesity and adult onset diabetes, higher IQ, and higher resistance to infection.

(Pediatrics, 2002, Vol. 109, No. 4, pp. 585-589)

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