For 15 years he’s looked after children in your company’s daycare center. Too bad no one was looking after him

The issues are unresolved. But one thing is certain: if your company isn’t insured against the possibilities, watch out.

HE MAY BE AMONG YOUR MOST TRUSTED employees. But it can happen, and in alarming numbers. In fact, according to a 1996 study, there were 7,353 reports nationwide of alleged abuse by daycare providers. What’s more, if a child is sexually molested or physically abused in your company’s daycare center, even if it’s run by an outside firm, your company may be liable. Chances are now great that you could lose a substantial sum in a lawsuit, unless you’re insured by Lexington’s Sexual Misconduct Liability [coverage.sup.SM].

We understand what others don’t.

We’re created coverage designed to protect organizations with child care facilities. And like all the coverage we provide, Sexual Misconduct Liability coverage can be tailored to fit your company’s specific needs. To help protect you against surprises that can negatively impact your bottom line, it offers a 12-point loss control program. It can even help you avoid the risks, with a program administered by Child Safe Environments, Inc., nationally acclaimed independent consultants who can evaluate and help minimize your risks on-site.

We can cover what others won’t.

We’ve built a reputation underwriting unique liability policies to help meet your needs.

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