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Not sold on sex

Not sold on sex – Letter to the Editor

Alfred Key

As a subscriber for the past several years, I continue to be impressed with the quality of your magazine. However, I was very pleased to see the cover of the November issue. For the first time in a long while there were no “Slammin’ Sex” or “Hot Sex Buttons” references, or some other such nonsense. Although I think your articles that cover sexual matters are actually pretty good, those bogus, eye-catching cover banners are a disservice to the overall integrity of the magazine.

Here’s why: I don’t like the message they send to my 10-year-old son. He and I read the health articles together. I am planting the seeds of a fit lifestyle into him now, and MEN’S FITNESS is a part of that. One of the reasons I dropped my subscription to that “other” men’s health magazine is the sleazy material in it. So keep to your health-and-fitness focus, and continue to be honest and factual on sexuality issues. But please consider keeping your sex cover banners under control. Even if sex sells.


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