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Jamie Ireland

Learning “The Ropes” …

This month I got a letter from a reader in Texas, about a “little secret” that has made her love life with her husband absolutely explosive. (Those Texans know their stuff, let me tell you.)

Tina writes:

Dear Jamie,

Last month, my husband returned from a business trip in Europe, he was hotter than ever before, with more passion and sexual energy than he’d had for years. It was incredible. He flat wore me out! And the best part of all–he was having multiple orgasms. I know what you’re thinking … men don’t have multiples. That’s what I thought, too. But his newfound vigor and excitement stimulated me, too, and before we knew it, we were both basking in the glow of the best sex of our fives.

Wed tried tantric stuff in the past, and the results were so-so. But this was something new and exciting, completely out of the ordinary. I asked my husband what had created such a dramatic change in our lovemaking, and he told me he d finally learned “the ropes.”

On the last night of his business trip, my husband spent an evening dining out with a Swedish nutritionist and his wife of 20 years. The couple was obviously still quite enamored with each other, so my husband asked their secret. The nutritionist told him their sex life was more passionate than ever. Then he pulled a small bottle from his satchel and gave it to my husband. The bottle contained a natural supplement that the nutritionist told my husband would teach him “the ropes” of good sex.

My husband takes the supplement every day. The supply from the nutritionist is about to run out, and we desperately want to know how we can find more. Do you know anything about “the ropes,” and can you tell us how we can find it in the States?


Tina C.

Ft. Worth, Texas

Tina, you’re in luck, because it just so happens I do know about the ropes, and the supplement your husband’s Swedish friend likely shared.

The physical contractions and fluid release during male orgasm can be multiplied and intensified by a product called Mioplex Pure Extract. It’s a supplement specially formulated to trigger better orgasmic experiences in men. The best part, from a woman’s perspective, is that the motion and experience a man can achieve with Mioplex Pure Extract can help stimulate our own orgasms, bringing a whole new meaning to the term simultaneous climax.

The term used by the Swedish nutritionist is actually fairly common slang for the effect your husband experienced. The enhanced contractions and heightened orgasmic release are often referred to as ropes because of the rope-like effect of release during climax. In other words, as some people have said, “it just keeps coming and coming.”

As far as finding it in the States, I know of just one importer–Boland Naturals, Inc. If you are interested, you can contact them at 1-866-MIOPLEX or Mioplex is all-natural and safe to take. All the people I’ve spoken with have said taking the one-a-day tablet has led to the roping effect Tina described in her letter. Aren’t you glad you asked?

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