Yield Benchmarks


Bonds & Treasuries YIELD YIELD YIELD

U.S. series EE savings bonds 5.06%(*) 5.06%(*) 5.68%

One-year Treasury bills 4.00 4.72 5.42

Five-year Treasury notes 4.11 4.56 5.90

Ten-year Treasury notes 4.51 4.72 5.98

(*) For bonds purchased after May 1, 1997; 4.47% for bonds purchased earlier. SOURCE FOR TREASURIES: Technical Data

Savings bonds EE savings bonds purchased before May 1, 1997, earn a minimum of 4% or, if held at least five years, a market-based rate. Bonds bought after that earn a market-based rate from date of purchase. For tables that will help you determine the current value of your bonds, write for Form PD 3600 (The Bureau of the Public Debt, Parkersburg, WV 26106).

Treasuries You can purchase Treasury securities from a bank of broker for a fee. If you want to purchase them directly, you can go online at www.publicdebt.treas.gov, call 800-943-6364, or contact the nearest Federal Reserve Bank or branch.

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