Reality Pays – television airing of reality programming

Reality Pays – television airing of reality programming – Brief Article

THE FALL television lineup is lousy with reality-TV shows.

But look on the bright side: Their proliferation together with their big cash prizes could help you pay off your mortgage or bank some money for the kids’ college funds.

Which shows offer the best payouts? Well, as long as you’re young and goodlooking, apply first to NBC’s Fear Factor (www Upside: Do a mere three stunts over a few days and have a one-in-six chance at $50,000. Downside: Some stunts are truly scary, such as eating live beetles.

Then try Survivor: Africa (CBS, Upside: 1-in-16 odds to win $1 million and huge endorsement opportunities (not to mention a shot at a Playboy photo spread). Downside: You’ll give up more than a month of your time, and you’ll need to be buff and conniving.

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