High-Speed Zone

High-Speed Zone

Don Willmott


The era of free online music may be winding down, but free music videos still abound on the Net if you know where to look. Our favorite collection is at GetMusic [getmusic.com], where 2,300 videos covering every musical genre from classical to hip-hop are yours for the watching, along with performance clips and interviews (conducted by veteran Rolling Stone scribe Anthony DeCurtis). The site is up-to-date with the latest hits, and unlike many other video hubs, it offers a consistent connection, so Shakira (above) streams nice and smooth. Explore the site further for free music downloads, screen savers, and games (we like Weezer Fight).


After achieving success providing an extensive Net-based curriculum on a wide variety of subjects to wired preschools and kindergartens, ThinkBox [thinkbox.com] is delivering the same materials to parents. A yearly $59.95 subscription to ThinkBox’s Kindle Park learning environment gets you a 52-week series of activities and learning guides centered on weekly and monthly themes; the price includes membership for one adult and two children. A multitude of bright, graphical games entertain and teach at the same time, and 150 colorful books are available to read with (or read to) your little ones. Any child who visits Kindle Park at school can also log on at home or from any other Net-connected computer (as long as he or she has a subscription). Big fun for the 3-to-6 crowd.

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