Donald Miller


A research technologist at Northwestern University, Philip R. “Pib” Burns moderates the CryptoSearch message board at Yahoo! Groups and maintains the Net’s best collection of annotated links on every conceivable variety of legendary animals. Burns’s Cryptozoology [pibburns. com/cryptozo.htm] also boasts a beautiful philately section with international stamps representing “cryptid” creatures and real extinction defiers, such as coelacanths.

Loren Coleman, an academic researcher and popular author, is an established figure in the quest for enigmatic beasts. His site, The Cryptozoologist [], defines that six-syllable mouthful, explains his fascination with (and pursuit of) Sasquatch, and opens his file on the fabled Mothman.


Visit Joe’s Cryptozoology Pages [] to find tracks to Bigfoot, Nessie, and cryptids from Joe Gagné’s native Canada, such as the blond Sasquatch variant known as Old Yellow Top.

If you don’t mind the risk of being bitten by the fearsome Mongolian Deathworm, stop by The Enigma Cryptozoo Weird Predators Petting Zoo [ cryptozoo/predators].

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