Yourself! Fitness

Yourself! Fitness


Yourself! Fitness is surprisingly competent as a workout routine, and it’s so detailed that in your custom nutrition plan, it will give you an advanced description of things like “corn flakes and banana slices,” if for some reason you need one.

The music is the only area where Yourself! Fitness fails. It sounds like your virtual trainer Maya’s internal music protocols and her torture-all-humans protocols crossed a wire. The soundtrack was clearly made by forcing some poor audio engineer with a microphone to run into the center of a terrifying battle between drum machines and xylophones. You can track ahead to different songs in the Pause menu, but with music this awful, the only change that’s recognizable is that maybe you want to scream instead of die. That said, it’s kind of cute when the song changes and the ever-perky Maya insists on stopping for a second to find the new rhythm.

It’s definitely a better workout than most Xbox titles, and although its longevity is infinitely better than a normal human workout video, it’s not as motivating or, more important, as sexy. Plus, it’s likely that too many people have seen Terminator to put their health in the hands of a robot.

PUBLISHER: ResponDesign // DEVELOPER: ResponDesign // PLAYERS: 1 // LIVE: No // MSRP: $34.99 // ESRB: E


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