The End Is Nigh

The End Is Nigh

Given the technical specifications needed to run Doom 3 on PC, it seemed Activision, Id Software, and Vicarious Visions had a long and peril-filled road to travel to get the game on Xbox. But lo! It seems that all involved managed a feat of some great skill; Doom 3 has emerged as one of Xbox’s greatest first-person shooters and, undoubtedly, its creepiest.

The world-exclusive review for Doom 3 begins on page 80, and the game is so titanic, it took two Xbox Nation staffers to play it. Now if only Activision would come out with an Xbox Live download allowing Doom players to use their flashlights and guns at the same time…

Elsewhere, the assorted reviewing gremlins, hobgoblins, and trolls got their hands on some great games this month and answered some very tough questions in the process: Does Xbox really need three gambling games released in the span of one month? Just how many porn stars does it take to make a good hardcore wrestling game? Where the hell is Revan? What’s more ripe for translation to Xbox, the paintball game or the drag racing simulation? And what’s the Stranger’s deep, dark secret?

It’s all here, some 20-plus games spread nicely across a sizable 22 pages of text and pictures.

Questions and answers.

Games and grades.


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