Scarab Gun

Scarab Gun

There are a few methods to get this incredibly powerful gun way on top of a building in Metropolis (including, getting a Banshee through the tunnel, piling grenades up under a car, or reprogramming the game’s code), but this seems to be the easiest. Of course, “easiest” is a relative term—you’re going to need a lot of time and patience to do this one. Good freaking luck.

OK, got your weekend all freed up? Good. First, get to Metropolis with the energy sword (follow our previous tip on getting the secret sword on Outskirts and end that level on foot, not in a vehicle, to keep the sword in Metropolis) and make your way to the big-city part of the level, after the tunnel, just before the Pelican drop ship comes down. Get four marines or so and two Warthogs up on this bridge.

Now, trigger the Pelican. As it comes in, kill marines quickly with your energy sword until they start attacking, then hop into the passenger side of one of the Warthogs pictured above. The marines should be shooting at you from the back of the Pelican. You can target the one on the back of the Pelican with your energy sword and pull the Attack trigger. Now, grenade your own hog to knock it off the bridge and hope it lands right-side up. (If it doesn’t, revert to the last checkpoint.)

The key now is timing. Look up into the sky—see the two long bridges between the buildings above?

You want the closer one. Look straight up at it as you exit the Warthog (pictured here) and you’ll fly for a limited amount of time, hopefully just enough to make it on top of that bridge. This takes practice—experiment with the timing of when you leave the hog to get it right. Again, if you screw up or get screwed, revert to the last checkpoint.

By now it’s Sunday night, and you’re about to go insane, but you did it! (Right?) Anyway, if you did, you’ll find a curiosity near the middle of the bridge. Pick it up and give it a whirl. BADOOSH! It’s a handheld version of the same gun the gigantic Covenant Scarab uses. Now all you need to do is get back down…aw crap!

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