Antz Extreme Racing

Antz Extreme Racing

Whoever convinced the money people at Empire that what the world needed was a kart racer based on a movie that was a sociological diatribe disguised as an animated kids’ movie needs a cookie. If there is an Eskimo in need of ice, surely this huckster will be the one to sell it.

Antz Extreme Racing is swill given digital form, a blight on a game library that needs titles like this like a bald person needs a comb. At no point does the game seek to break new ground or rise above cart-racing stereotypes. From the powerups (turbo boosts, mines, slicks, shields, missiles—both normal and homing—and smoke bombs), to the lifeless, basic tracks (usually ovals or figure-eights that offer little in the way of hidden shortcuts or replay value), to the blurry texture work and ho-hum sound effects, everything about the game is well below average, and should be avoided like the Ebola virus.

With only six different characters and no discernable differences in terms of handling, speed, or acceleration, 15 tracks providing a bare minimum of personality, and almost no attention to detail, Antz’s racing experience should not be inflicted on anyone. It’s visually horrid, and simultaneously not fun by any measure. The controls seem weighted at the extreme ends of the sensitivity spectrum; the left analog stick is often hypersensitive, and the D-pad far too sluggish.

To the point, Antz Extreme Racing just plain suckz.

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