Tyloon Launches Multilingual Yellow Pages Search Engine

Tyloon Launches Multilingual Yellow Pages Search Engine

With its unprecedented growth over the past few years, the Internet has finally made us a real global village — but language remains an important issue. Language barriers prevent people from understanding all of the online information they seek.

CONSIDER THIS: Both the Chinese and American markets are more interested in each other right now than at any other time in their histories. But how many Americans or Canadians understand Chinese (much less its many versions)? And how many Chinese cannot use major yellow pages and local search engines to search local businesses in the United States, again because of language?

Why Tyloon?

Tyloon, Inc. is making it possible for people to Search & Understand the same business information in their own language.

Tyloon.com is the first and only “online yellow pages and local search engine” which allows visitors, using keywords in any of these languages — English, Spanish, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, or mixed keywords of those languages — to search the same 15-million-name U.S. business database that could be explored only in English before.

Simple to Use plus a Significant Time Saver

Tyloon’s “patent-pending search system” makes it easy to not only browse and/or search listed business information in one’s own language, but also to freely change the Current Viewing Page to a different language — or change it back anywhere on the Tyloon site without going to the Home Page of a language.

As with using regular online yellow pages, or local search engines, a Tyloon visitor can seek the desired business information simply by typing a city name or a zip code. In addition, Tyloon also allows a visitor to expand the hunt by typing in an area code for a search result covered by that phone area — or a state code such as CA, for a search result of the whole state. You can even leave the location box blank in order to call up a search result for the entire United States. Tyloon is both user-friendly and more convenient for its visitors.

Technological Transformation Will Prove Extremely Useful

“It’s the first yellow-page revolution when Internet yellow pages put all of the country’s business information online for ‘easy search capabilities’ — compared to the traditional printing of yellow pages in only one, or just a few cities, or a county,” said Barry Su, president of Tyloon, Inc. “Given the fact that Spanish and Chinese-speaking population counts close to 25 percent of the U.S. population — and that there are more than 1.6 billion people speaking Chinese and Spanish around the world — I venture to say it is something like ‘the second yellow-page revolution’ for Tyloon to help these non-English speaking people to quickly search, and basically understand, an enormous resource of American business information.”

Tyloon, Inc. has filed two U.S. patents since May, 2005, and one of them is also registered internationally. The company currently is working to further fine-tune its unique multilingual local search system — plus add other languages, such as French, Japanese, and German. It has also started building a similar system on Chinese and Canadian data in an attempt to create a major multilingual commercial information bridge between North America and China.

For more information, visit http://www.tyloon.com or call 877/728-9888 or 626/618-0101.

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