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Bryan Research & Engineering, Inc.

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Gavin McIntyre, Manager-Process Applications/Customer Service

Company Bio:

BR&E has been a leader in process simulation software development for over 30 years for the gas processing, refining and petrochemical industries. With the introduction of ProMax[R] and BR&E’s continued commitment to provide the best in customer service and support, our clients are assured of getting the most from BR&E.


ProMax with TSWEET and PROSIM is a powerful Microsoft[R] Windows[R] based process simulation program for the design and optimization of gas gathering and processing, refining and chemical facilities. ProMax contains over 50 thermodynamic property package combinations, 2300 components, OLE automation, oil characterization and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet embedding. Integration of these Microsoft products in ProMax provides the ultimate in functionality and efficiency. Microsoft Visio[R] is used as the drawing package for creating flow sheets, providing one of the most advanced drawing platforms among simulators. ProMax also seamlessly integrates Microsoft Word and Excel for various functions.

Chemstations, Inc.

2901 Wilcrest, Suite 305 Houston, TX 77042

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Steve Brown, V.P. Sales/Marketing

Company Bio:

With offices worldwide, Chemstations is a leading global supplier of process simulation software for the following process industries; Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, and Fine Chemicals, including Pharmaceuticals. We currently offer several individually licensed, and tightly integrated, technologies to address the needs of the chemical engineer, whether doing new process design or working in the plant.


CC-STEADY STATE Chemical Process Simulation Software–Includes database of chemical components, thermodynamic methods, and unit operations to allow steady state simulation of continuous chemical processes from lab scale to full scale.

CC-DYNAMICS Dynamic Process Simulation Software–Takes your steady state simulations to the next level of fidelity to allow dynamic analysis of your flowsheet. The combination of two pieces of software, CC-ReACS and CCDCOLUMN make CC-DYNAMICS the dynamic simulator of choice.

CC-BATCH Batch Distillation Simulation Software–As an add-on or stand alone program, CC-BATCH makes batch distillation simulation and design easy with intuitive, operation step based input.

CC-THERM Heat Exchanger Design & Rating Software–As an add-on or stand alone program, CC-THERM makes use of multiple international standards for design and materials to make sizing your next heat exchanger faster and more accurate.

CC-SAFETY NET Piping & safety relief Network Simulation Software–A subset of CC-STEADY STATE, this program allows rigorous analysis of any piping network.

CC-FLASH Physical Propertieis & Phase Equilibria Calculation Software–A subset of the CHEMCAD Suite (all of the CHEMCAD Suite products include CC-FLASH capabilities), this program allows rigorous calculation of pure component and mixture physical properties and phase equilibria (VLE, LLE, VLLE).

Codeware, Inc.

3100 South Gessner, Ste 610 Houston, TX 77063

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Codeware – Pressure Vessel Design, Welding & FFS Software

Israel “Izzy” Perez, Sales Manager

Company Bio:

Codeware is the leading provider of software for the design and analysis of ASME Section VIII pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Since 1985, Codeware’s Engineers have focused exclusively on meeting the engineering software needs of designers and users of vessels and exchangers. Over 1,300 companies currently rely on Codeware products.


Created by Engineers, COMPRESS[c] simplifies ASME Section VIII, Division 1 and 2 pressure vessel design and analysis. COMPRESS easily models virtually any vessel geometry from a single component to a complex multiple diameter tower. This flexibility makes COMPRESS ideal for use in new construction, re-rating existing equipment and performing mechanical integrity calculations. COMPRESS generates either detailed or abbreviated reports, the former suitable for use as a calculation audit trail. COMPRESS’ XML file output feature facilitates third party access to all data entered.

COMPRESS Exchanger[c] is a powerful tool for heat exchanger design and analysis. Exchanger operates in conjunction with COMPRESS and addresses both TEMA and ASME UHX rules. Exchanger’s TEMA specification sheet style wizard creates usable heat exchanger models with a minimum of data entry. To further reduce data input, COMPRESS Exchanger features an interactive, bi-directional interface to HTRI’s Xchanger Suite[R] that supports HTRI[R] file access. Codeware’s Tube Layout[c] is included to assist in optimizing tube placement. Tube layout and setting plan drawings are exported as DXF or DWG files.

Vessel Drafter[c] converts files generated by COMPRESS into fabrication ready drawings. Vessel Drafter supports AutoCAD[c] releases 2000 through 2005.

Vessel Coster[c] produces reliable vessel cost estimates from COMPRESS models.

Emerson Process Management

Global Headquarters 12301 Research Blvd. Austin, Texas 78759

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Company Bio:

Emerson Process Management is a leader in helping businesses automate their production. processing, and distribution in the petrochemical, oil and gas and refining industries. The company combines superior products and technology with industry-specific engineering, consulting, project management, and maintenance services. Emerson brands include: PlantWeb[R]; DeltaV[TM]; Fisher[R]; Micro Motion[R]; Rosemount[R]; Daniel[R]; Ovation[R]; and AMS[TM] Suite.

EPCON International

16225 Park Ten Place, Suite 600 Houston, TX 77084

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Company Bio:

EPCON International has developed engineering software for the design, analysis and troubleshooting of process systems for over 20 years. EPCON links industry standard API and DIPPR physical property and equipment specification databases into their award winning software suites for process simulation, pipeline network analyses, and pressure relief analyses.


Engineer’s Aide SINET is used for the analysis of pipeline networks and related process equipment at industry leading companies worldwide. SINET’s patented SmartDraw interface is the fastest and most effective way to analyze plant utility systems. Comprehensive thermodynamic options include the AIChE DIPPR[R] Database of over 2000 components.

CHEMPRO Engineering Suite offers the most advanced technology for the analysis of pressure relief valve systems. Perform analysis of complex multi-component flare systems including systems with many loops, flares, and knock-out drums. The database driven design easily accommodates multiple cases and allows existing relief valve studies to be directly imported.

System 7 Process Explorer[TM] combines process simulation with fluid flow analysis and pressure relief valve analysis to analyze and maintain a site’s process systems and data. SYSTEM 7 organizes the data, graphical models, types of analyses, and operational scenarios using a consistent set of thermodynamic properties and methods.

SYNPHONY determines all feasible process designs from a given set of operating units and raw materials to produce a given product–ranking these by investment and operating costs. SYNPHONY has been proven to significantly reduce investment and operating costs by minimizing by-products and identifying the best overall process design.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification Database Software[TM] (API SPEC) provides a knowledge-management toolset for the project engineering team. Facilitate the entire equipment specification process including the entry of process data and release to design to the final entry of mechanical specifications and development of the technical bid specification package.

The American Petroleum Institute (API)Technical Database[TM] (API TECH) replaces the wealth of information from the API Tech Data Book developed over the past 40 years into a modern, interactive software application with over 130 API standard methods fully documented in PDF format for upstream and downstream engineering applications.

DIPPR ENVIRON provides environmental, safety, and health property data and estimations for managing EPA and OSHA regulated substances, in a database of more than 1000 chemicals and 55 physical properties. ENVIRON data and methods have been comprehensively analyzed by DIPPR over the past 10 years to provide unparalleled accuracy and credibility.

Heat Transfer Research, Inc.

Worldwide 150 Venture Drive College Station, TX 77845 USA

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Heat Transfer Research, Inc. World Business Garden Marive East 14F Nakase 2 -6,

Mihamaku Chiba 261-7114 Japan

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Hirohisa Uozu, Mgr.


Heat Transfer Research, Inc. The Surrey Technology Centre 40 Occam Road

Guildford, Surrey GU2 7YG U.K.

Phone: 44-(0)1483-685100

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Hans U. Zettler, Mgr.

Claudette D. Beyer, President and CEO Fernando J. Aguirre, V.P., Business Development R. Stanley Kistler, V.P., Research and Software Development

Company Bio:

HTRI is an international consortium founded in 1962 that conducts industrially relevant research and provides software tools for design, rating, and simulation of process heat transfer equipment. HTRI also produces a wide range of technical publications and provides other services including contract research, software development, consulting, and training.


HTRI Xchanger Suite–Integrated graphical user environment for the design, rating, and simulation of heat transfer equipment.

Xace–Designs, rates, and simulates the performance of air-cooled heat exchangers, heat recovery units, and air preheaters.

Xfh–Simulates the behavior of fired heaters. Calculates the radiant section of cylindrical and box heaters and the convection section of fired heaters. It also designs process heater tubes and performs combustion calculations.

Xhpe–Designs, rates, and simulates the performance of hairpin heat exchangers.

Xist–Designs, rates, and simulates single- and two-phase shell-and-tube heat exchangers, including kettle and thermosiphon reboilers, falling film evaporators, and reflux condensers.

Xjpe–Designs, rates, and simulates jacketed-pipe (double-pipe) heat exchangers.

Xphe–Designs, rates, and simulates plate-and-frame heat exchangers. A fully incremental program, each plate channel is calculated individually using local physical properties and process conditions.

Xtlo–Graphical standalone rigorous tube layout software; also integrated with Xist.

Xvib–Performs flow-induced vibration analysis of a single tube in a heat exchanger bundle. It uses a rigorous structural analysis approach to calculate the tube natural frequencies for various modes and offers flexibility, in the geometries it can handle.

Dassault Systemes

6320 Canoga Avenue Woodland Hills, CA 91367 USA

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590 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10022

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Rolf Gibbels, Process, Power & Petroleum–AEC, PLM Americas Industry Manager,

Stephan J. Clambaneva, Global Industry Leader, Product Lifecycle Management Solutions,

Company Bio: IBM and Dassault Systemes provide the industry-leading V5 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions which enable the Process, Power, Petroleum (PP&P), and marine industries to digitally define, engineer, simulate, produce, and service assets throughout their lifecycle. This integration will allow extraordinary benefits over traditional plant design tools. V5 PLM enables global owner operators, EPC’s, and equipment suppliers to transform and optimize their business processes and organization. Universal sharing and extensive reuse of information via V5 PLM allows rapid design collaboration through all phases of a project lifecycle enhancing project performance and leading to innovative real time operations.

About IBM: IBM is the world’s largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM Sales & Distribution, which supports more than a dozen key industries worldwide, works with companies of all sizes around the world to deploy the full range of IBM technologies. The fastest way to get more information about IBM is through the IBM home page at http://www.

About Dassault Systemes: As world leader in 3D and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions, the Dassault Systemes group brings value to more than 80,000 customers in 80 countries. A pioneer in the 3D software market since 1981, Dassault Systemes develops and markets PLM application software and services that support industrial processes and provide a 3D vision of the entire life cycle of products from conception to maintenance. Its offering includes integrated PLM solutions for product development (CATIA[R], DELMIA[R], ENOVIA[R], SMARTEAM[R]), mainstream 3D design tools (SolidWorks[R]), and 3D components (Spatial/ ACIS[R]). For more information, visit http://

Products: IBM PLM solutions developed by Dassault Systemes include CATIA[R] V5 for data authoring, ENOVIA [R] V5 and SMARTEAM for lifecycle information management and DELMIA[R] for digital manufacturing and process optimization. The fully integrated V5 PLM solution enables companies to create, simulate, operate and service complex systems found in the PP&P and marine industries.

The V5 PLM solution has extended benefits over traditional plant design solutions by:

* Providing end-to-end solution for lifecycle management: conceptual to operations () Robust engineering authoring environment

() Lifecycle data management and decision


() Virtual fabrication and construction

* Ensuring safety and environmental performance

* Reducing project and operations risk

* Enabling concurrent engineering

* Managing change through workflow

* Allowing extensive data reuse and analysis

* Enabling LEAN work processes

* Allowing knowledge based engineering and rules capture

* Promoting supplier integration and collaboration www.hpinfo.ims.cal5350-410

Invensys SimSci-Esscor

26561 Rancho Parkway South Lake Forest, CA 92630 USA

Phone: +1 949 455 8150

Fax: +1 949 455 8153


Kathy Beckman, Marketing Communications Manager

Company Bio: SimSci-Esscor, of Invensys Process Systems, is a leader in the development of simulation, optimization, and process control software for oil/gas exploration and refining, chemical manufacturing, power generation, and more. Our integrated solutions minimize expenditure, maximize return, and optimize performance –technologies that seamlessly interoperate across the entire lifecycle of a processing facility.

Products: Process Engineering Suite (PES) is integrated software for process engineering design and operational analysis, including special tools for heat transfer and data reconciliation. Easily transfer information within SimSciEsscor applications or link with third-party software.

On-line Performance Suite (OPS) delivers Advanced Process Control (APC), performance monitoring, and on-line optimization to obtain optimal performance from operating units in real time.

Dynamic Simulation Suite (DSS) provides rigorous dynamic simulation and high-fidelity control system emulation for optimizing plant design, operations, and performance management. All DSS products communicate with each other as well as third-party applications.

Operator Training Simulators (OTS) train operators and optimize plant performance using the same simulation tool. Engineers can stretch the limits of a plant’s capability and identify operational and physical constraints in a safe, theoretical environment.

Comos FEED is an engineering data and document-centric database management system that integrates Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) activities during scope/conceptual development and the preliminary engineering phases of a project. Process simulation data is transferred to Comos FEED through a seamless integration with SimSci-Esscor’s PRO/II software.



KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.

14701 St. Mary’s Lane, Suite 300 Houston, TX 77079

Phone: 281-293 8200

Fax: 281-293 8290


Other KBC Office Locations:

London: + 44 (0)1932 242424

Moscow: +7 (0)95 980 8449

Singapore: + 65 6735 5488

Japan: +81 (0)45 290 6380

Company Bio: KBC Advanced Technologies is a leading independent consulting and technology services group, delivering improvements in business performance and asset value to owners and operators in the oil refining, petrochemical, and other processing industries worldwide. Profimatics[R], an operating division of KBC, provides specialized software to improve a refinery’s and/or a petrochemical facility’s profitability through industry leading models and simulation technology.

Products: KBC offers a wide range of technology and software services from detailed reactor unit modeling and monitoring to refinery-wide simulation.

Introducing Petro-SIM[TM], KBC’s full-featured, graphical process simulator that includes proprietary Profimatics technology and industry-proven process models. Petro-SIM includes general-purpose unit operations, an extensive component library, a range of thermodynamics packages, and a full suite of refinery reactor models.

KBC offers unsurpassed model breath and depth that lets you truly model any part of the refinery. KBC’s industry-proven Profimatics reactor models are all available with Petro-SIM. KBC reactor models include: FCC-SIM (Fluid Cat Cracking), HCR-SIM (Hydrocracker), REF-SIM (Reformer), HTRSIM (Hydrotreater Series), DC-SIM (Delayed Coker), ALK-SIM (Alkylation unit) and VISSIM (Visbreaker).


Softbits Consultants Ltd.


Paice Lane, Medstead Alton, GU34 5PT England UK

Phone: 44 + 1420 561511

Fax: 44 +8700 516362


Company Bio: Softbits Consultants has been providing computer applications and consultancy services to the process engineering industry since 1985. Specializing in flare system analysis and process simulation we are the developers of FLARESIM, the de facto industry standard application for thermal radiation analysis.

Products: FLARESIM[TM] assists engineers in the design and evaluation of flare systems. The program calculates thermal radiation and noise generated by flares and estimates the temperatures of exposed surfaces. FLARESIM handles multiple tip configurations on any combination of vertical, horizontal or inclined stacks. As well as API standard methods, FLARESIM also utilizes proprietary algorithms. FLARESIM is used by flare system vendors, Engineering & Construction companies and operating companies worldwide.


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