Plant lifecycle and performance monitoring

Emerson Process Management

Global Headquarters 12301 Research Blvd. Austin, TX 78759 USA

Phone: 512-835-2190

Fax: 512-834-7600


Company Bio:

Emerson Process Management is a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processing, and distribution in the petrochemical, oil and gas and refining industries, The company combines superior products and technology with industry-specific engineering, consulting, project management, and maintenance services. Emerson brands include: PlantWeb[R]; DeltaV[TM]; Fisher[R]; Micro Motion[R]; Rosemount[R]; Daniel[R]; Ovation[R]; and AMS[TM] Suite.

Invensys SimSci-Esscor

26561 Rancho Parkway South Lake Forest, CA 92630 USA

Phone: +1 949 455 8150

Fax: +1 949 455 8153


Kathy Beckman, Marketing Communications Manager

Company Bio:

SimSci-Esscor, of Invensys Process Systems, is a leader in the development of simulation, optimization, and process control software for oil/gas exploration and refining, chemical manufacturing, power generation, and more. Our integrated solutions minimize expenditure, maximize return, and optimize performance–technologies that seamlessly interoperate across the entire lifecycle of a processing facility.


Process Engineering Suite (PES) is integrated software for process engineering design and operational analysis, including special tools for heat transfer and data reconciliation. Easily transfer information within SimSci-Esscor applications or link with third-party software.

Upstream Optimization Suite (UOS) provides integrated field-wide production analysis from sandface through transmission/distribution. It integrates with third-party software in addition to SimSci-Esscor’s PRO/II process simulator for production system modeling.

On-line Performance Suite (OPS) delivers Advanced Process Control (APC), performance monitoring, and on-line optimization to obtain optimal performance from operating units in real time.

Dynamic Simulation Suite (DSS) provides rigorous dynamic simulation and high-fidelity control system emulation for optimizing plant design, operations, and performance management. All DSS products communicate with each other as well as third-party applications.

Operator Training Simulators (OTS) train operators and optimize plant performance using the same simulation tool. Engineers can stretch the limits of a plant’s capability and identify operational and physical constraints in a safe, theoretical environment.

Comos FEED is an engineering data and document-centric database management system that integrates Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) activities during scope/conceptual development and the preliminary engineering phases of a project. Process simulation data is transferred to Comos FEED through a seamless integration with SimSci-Esscor’s PRO/II software.


KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc. 14701 St. Mary’s Lane, Suite 300 Houston, TX


Phone: 281-293-8200

Fax: 281-293-8290


Other KBC Office Locations

London: + 44 (0)1932 242424 Moscow: +7 (0)95 980 8449 Singapore: + 65 6735 5488 Japan: +81 (0)45 290 6380

Company Bio:

KBC Advanced Technologies is a leading independent consulting and technology services group, delivering improvements in business performance and asset value to owners and operators in the oil refining, petrochemical, and other processing industries worldwide. Profimatics[R] an operating division of KBC, provides specialized software to improve a refinery’s and/or a petrochemical facility’s profitability through industry leading models and simulation technology.


KBC offers a wide range of technology and software services from detailed reactor unit modeling and monitoring to refinery-wide simulation.

Introducing Petro-SIM[TM], KBC’s full-featured, graphical process simulator that includes proprietary Profimatics technology and industry-proven process models. Petro-SIM includes general-purpose unit operations, an extensive component library, a range of thermodynamics packages, and a full suite of refinery reactor models.

KBC offers unsurpassed model breath and depth that lets you truly model any part of the refinery. KBC’s industry-proven Profimatics reactor models are all available with Petro-SIM. KBC reactor models include: FCC-SIM (Fluid Cat Cracking), HCR-SIM (Hydrocracker), REF-SIM (Reformer), HTR-SIM (Hydrotreater Series), DC-SIM (Delayed Coker), ALK-SIM (Alkylation unit) and VIS-SIM (Visbreaker).

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