Other offshore analyses – offshore update – Brief Article

Robert E. Snyder

Douglas-Westwood of Canterbury, UK, a source of major business studies, has announced several current offshore projects that are available now, or under preparation. These include:

* The world deepwater report 3: 2001-2005. This third edition overviews the growing deepwater segment of the global offshore industry, forecast to be worth over $40 billion over the period 2002-2005. It describes the technology, analyzes proposed field developments and forecasts prospects in excess of 500-m water depth.

* The world floating production report: 2001-2005. This new business study considers market drivers for the floating production sector. Each type of system is discussed, and new technological developments are examined in detail. Future field development prospects are identified and forecasts are generated for worldwide floating production expenditures to 2005.

* The offshore West Africa report. This major new study gives a comprehensive overview of business prospects in this region, which has both extensive shallow-water activity and major deepwater prospects.

Among studies under preparation is The world subsea report: II. This second edition will provide industry executives with an overview of the growing subsea segment of the offshore industry and the value of world markets. These offshore studies and other important reports by DW are described on the firm’s website: www.dw-1.com.

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