adds 377 typefaces from Russian font foundry ParaType adds 377 typefaces from Russian font foundry ParaType, a subsidiary of Bitstream Inc., has announced the addition of 377 typefaces from Russian font foundry ParaType to the growing collection available instantly at With these new fonts, expands its portfolio to over 31,000 fonts from over 200 font foundries across the globe.

ParaType was established in 1989 as a department of ParaGraph International of Moscow and subsequently became the first privately owned typeface foundry in the Soviet Union. In 1998, ParaType split into two companies, ParaType Inc. in California and ParaType Ltd. in Russia. Both inherited typefaces and font software from ParaGraph and are directed by Emil Yakupov, former head of the font department of ParaGraph. The ParaType legacy includes revivals of Cyrillic fonts from famous 19th-century foundries in St Petersburg, as well as later contributions by such acclaimed designers as Vadim Lazurski, Galina Bannikova, and Nikolay Kudryashov.

ParaType applies a multilingual approach to typeface design. Most of its recent fonts were developed from the outset for wide varieties of alphabets, and its standard character set covers Western European, Central European, and Cyrillic languages. The character map and language tools at help customers find fonts containing exactly the characters they need.

“We are delighted to offer the extensive collection of ParaType fonts through,” said Emil Yakupov, CEO of ParaType. “This online resource is clearly a significant advancement in the distribution of fonts and typographical know-how.”

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