Mexico Tribal Police Department selects Globalstar

Mexico Tribal Police Department selects Globalstar

Globalstar, the world’s most widely used handheld satellite phone service, has announced that the Tesuque Tribal Police Department has chosen Globalstar as part of a complete voice and data communications solution for their technology needs.

The Tesuque Pueblo (pronounced teh-SOO-kay) is a Native American tribal community located in northern New Mexico. Tribal police are routinely required to patrol rural areas that are not covered by traditional cellular, radio, orwireline services. Tesuque Police Officers plan to use Globalstar phones and data services with Itronix ruggedized mobile laptops to access major law enforcement databases, as well as for backup voice communications where cellular and radio are not available.

“When we were looking for satellite service, we understood that Globalstar was on the leading edge of satellite phones,” said Capt. Ortiz. “I’ve taken the Globalstar phone out to places where I never get coverage, and it’s worked great. I’m especially pleased with how Globalstar sounds in the car. The sound is phenomenal. We’ve all had those experiences where we’ve been talking on a cell phone and people say we sound like we’re in a tin can. I have tosay, Globalstar is a whole lot clearer.”

Globalstar’s data throughput has also received high marks. As the phones were being evaluated, additional testers reported round-trip response time from inquiry, through the Globalstar system, through a VPN and to the NCIC ranged from 4 to 10 seconds round trip.

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