Jordan’s GSM Lines Exceed Number of Fixed-lines

Jordan’s GSM Lines Exceed Number of Fixed-lines

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Figures released by the Arab Advisers Group (AAG) revealed that owing to competition in the Jordanian Communications industry between the two GSM operators in 2001, GSM penetration rates exceeded 15 per cent last year, with the number of GSM lines exceeding the number of fixed lines for

the first time.

The report indicates that since its partnership with strategic investor France Telecom, Jordan Telecom has acquired local datacomm operator and ISP Global One, and launched subsidiaries MobileCom, e- dimension and Jordan

Wide – clear moves to position itself as an Integrated Communications Services Provider.

In addition, the operator has worked aggressively to improve its services, launching an advanced Customer Care and Billing Service (CCBS) and a number of points of sales to better handle customer needs.

The report added that competition in the cellular market has been quite aggressive, with Fastlink flooding the market with many post- paid and pre-paid packages and undertaking a sophisticated customer care platform as well as fierce marketing and sales campaigns, and commands a strong market share. – (World IT

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