Broadband Internet usage in the UAE to grow

Broadband Internet usage in the UAE to grow

Broadband Internet usage is making big strides in the UAE. Though current figures are relatively low, the number of Broadband Internet users are predicted to grow by 53 per cent this year. This will turn the UAE one of the first in the region to record such wide adoption of high-speed Internet connectivity.

UAE’s young and educated community of Internet users drives the big growth of the broadband Internet. As a result, broadband usage will continue to expand rapidly, while the number of narrow-band (dial-up) users will go down by 5 per cent per year, according to a study conducted by Dubai-based Madar Research Group based on a user- profile survey released by Emirates Internet and Multimedia, the country’s sole Internet service provider.

The study estimates that Internet penetration in the UAE will grow by 10 per cent in 2003, to hit 1,175,000, the highest in the GCC region. Of which, 11.3 per cent would be using the broadband Internet which includes Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), leased and ISDN lines.

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