Workers want part-time options – Part-Time Work

Workers want part-time options – Part-Time Work – Brief Article

A new survey says 23% of unionized employees would rather work part-time, even if it means giving up some pay and benefits.

More than a third would strongly consider going part-time if they could still have good pay, benefits and job security. The Work in America Institute has focused on the needs of unionized employees, surveying 600 with the help of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The survey also polled union leaders and managers. Just 14% of workers had the option of reducing their hours with pro-rated reductions in salary and benefits, although most agreed that allowing that option would help employees balance work and life, raise morale and reduce absenteeism. And 68% of employees and half of managers agreed that more options would attract quality workers. The drawbacks of new scheduling options? Most workers, union leaders and managers felt they’d be likely to create confusion and add to the workload of full-time workers. Labor leaders and managers also feared companies would use part-time options coercively, merely to cut costs. But most agree that “in a climate of tight budgets, it makes sense to look at new non-wage benef its” like flexible scheduling options.

#17714 THE ALLIANCE, 5-1-03

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