Kiosk saves time, money and lives

Kiosk saves time, money and lives

Frank Fuentes says the health monitoring station at Honda helps him stay off blood pressure meds and out of the doctor’s office.

The Health Stations he’s been using for the past decade were sold to American Honda Motor Co. by Computerized Screening Inc. after workers noticed them in supermarkets and requested that they be installed in their workplace. At first Honda leased the machines, but when they saw how popular they were the company purchased 11 of them and plans to buy nine more. The kiosks, which are in cafeterias and break rooms in a half-dozen major facilities, measure blood pressure, heart rate and weight. To use them, employees sit down at what resembles a combination workbench mini-entertainment center. Touch-screen computers walk them through a variety of tests. Says Fuentes, “I was on medication once before. They told me I couldn’t get off it until I lost weight.” Now he checks his blood pressure and weight every few days, and “By doing the reading I can tell whether I need to exercise.” A related study by Hewitt Associates finds 93% of employees would like to assume more responsibility for their own health care, but are shockingly unaware of costs, quality, prescription drug options, etc., and those in the poorest health are least likely to take the medications their doctors recommend.

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