World Phone – Brief Article

World Phone – Brief Article – Product Announcement

The Nokia 8890 is a world phone that is operational where network service is available on five continents and more than 120 countries. The dual-band GSM 900MHz/GSM 1.9GHz phone is expected to be available around the world in 2Q00. With a blue-tinted illuminated display and weighing 3.2 ounces, the Nokia 8890 combines voice dialing, predictive text input and picture messaging. Its design resembles Nokia’s 8850 and features a matte aluminum magnesium cover. The phone has an infrared link for wireless communications with a compatible Nokia phone or a compatible PC or printer, and the phone supports standard communications protocols. For example, you can transfer phone numbers with the infrared link between compatible phones or you can download new phone numbers and ringing tones over the air.

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