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Tokyo Style.

Tokyo Style. – book reviews

John Einarsen

This book is absolutely fascinating. No amount of academic expertise or theory can explain as much about life in Tokyo as these photographs. Kyoichi Tsuzuki set out to show how Tokyoites really live: how ingeniously small spaces are used, how neighborhoods function as extensions of home for many, and how living space is being engulfed by a seemingly limitless variety of commodities. The private dwelling is perhaps the most inaccessible space for a foreign visitor to penetrate. But here those spaces are (minus dwellers) in all their lived-in messiness, in sharp, large-format color photographs, over fifty of them, Poring over the detail in these photos reveals so much about lifestyle in the nineties in this megalopolis. An image of a vast hive emerges, each cubbyhole crammed with both treasure and junk, secrets and dreams. Captions in both Japanese and English add to each image. Archeology of the present at its best.

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