Young Professional Award, Adam Stark

Apex Awards: Young Professional Award, Adam Stark

Adam Stark

President, Stark Business Solutions

Continuing with the theme of distributing awards that better reflect its goals and programs, the Westchester County Association has introduced the Young Professional APEX award, which will be presented to Adam Stark of Stark Business Solutions.

“The WCA has started a young professional group this year for people under the age of 40, and their this is something that really drives us,” said association President William M. Mooney Jr. “When you look at people under the age of 40 and successes, it’s reasonably limited. Look at Adam. He has a very successful enterprise and he had more votes than anyone else by a landslide.”

Stark, 34, started Stark Business Solutions three years ago in White Plains with the goal to create a company that would service the small-business community in Westchester.

“One of the things I had seen happening was a trend in Westchester of small business being a real driver for the economy,” Stark said. “In many cases it was entrepreneurs and professionals who were breaking away from larger businesses and starting their own operations. I started putting a business plan together on the types of things these businesses would need.”

That plan started with focusing on support and presence, something that could give small businesses the type of professional image necessary to compete with the larger companies.

“We provide everything from a professional office environment where they can hold their meetings and conduct business to receptionist service either on site or remotely so that when clients’ phones are ringing they can be answered professionally to administrative support available on demand so when you have a presentation that needs to be done, you have the tools that are necessary,” Stark said. “We give the impression that it’s an established business and not someone who is operating on their kitchen table.” The execution was so successful that in a short period of time, the company has grown and expanded its space from 7,000 to 10,000 square feet in White Plains, 15,000 square feet in Mount Kisco and some 12,000 square feet in its newest location, Harrrison, which opened in October.

“We have virtual clients, time-share clients (people who use the facility one or two days a week) and full-time clients, where we are providing their office or offices,” Stark said. “Clients have the ability to climb up and down the ladder based on their needs. Whatever their business model needs, we have flexibility.”

Customers of Stark Business solutions include startups, small businesses, consultants, hedge funds, real estate developers, limo services, information technology service providers and even an intramural sports league.

As president, Stark oversees all aspects of the company, including business development, strategic planning, marketing and crisis management. “It’s become fairly complex with three locations now,” he said. “Every minute of my day is filled.”

Stark grew up in Westchester and after graduating from Princeton University went to work on Wall Street in mergers and acquisitions. After nine years moving up the ranks, he decided to bring his family back home and in 2002 began thinking about starting his own business.

“I was watching the changes going on in White Plains and that was a really big driver for me,” he said. “The hardest part was taking the leap of faith. I went from a position where I had a job and defined set of responsibilities to a place where I was on my own and mapping my own direction.”

The scariest moment of his career, he said, came when he first opened the office doors and saw an empty 7,000-square-foot office. “You wonder if what you put together will really work. It worked out even better than I imagined.”

As the father of four children, all under the age of 5, there’s not much time for Stark and his wife, Marisa, to do much besides be parents – and that’s fine with him. He wants to continue. to grow his business and create a comfortable life for his family.

“We have grown very quickly up to this point and I want to continue to make sure we continue to grow,” Stark said. “We really have a great footprint that covers a lot of Westchester and I need to decide about more pieces of that footprint.”

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