ObjAcct Business Systems announces Web services accounting solution

ObjAcct Business Systems announces Web services accounting solution – WSJ News

(Bowling Green, OH) — ObjAcct Business Systems, LLC has announced the release of its ObjAcct XML Accounting Server. Based on

Microsoft .NET, the system is an n-tier SOAP and XML Web services accounting solution designed to be integrated into portals and ASPs, embedded in vertical market systems, or implemented as a custom corporate solution. The system includes ObjAcct Web Ledger, a complete Web-based accounting application, and ObjAcct XML Web Services, a complete XML-based API to the ObjAcct Transaction Server.

The ObjAcct XML Accounting Server is licensed both as a “boxed” server product that can be hosted and implemented by licensees within their own data center or network, and as a subscription ASP product hosted by ObjAcct Business Systems. The ASP License allows licensees to integrate the system into their product offering and offer the solution to their customers. The product includes ObjAcct Site Manager, an application suite for managing and maintaining the system in an ASP environment.


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