Waste Erupts in Naples

Waste Erupts in Naples

Byline: Rebekah A. Hall

LIKE VESUVIUS ERUPTED OVER POMPEII, Naples’ trash also has blanketed the city.

Left with no place to dispose of its trash, Naples has been bombarded by overflowing trash bins and tons of smelly refuse. The stench and public health problem has literally created mayhem. For example, vandals have set fire to bins, schools have closed and protestors have stopped traffic.

The problem began when the city did not build two large incinerators after locals and environmentalists protested, fearing increased pollution. Meanwhile, the city’s landfills reached their limits, and neighboring communities refused to take the Neapolitans’ garbage. Short of options, city trash began piling up.

Slowing, the city is cleaning up its act. Neighboring cities finally have agreed to take Naples’ trash. But residents will never forget the damage caused by this deadly eruption.

Source: Yahoo!News

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