Product Survey: Grinders

Product Survey: Grinders

Bandit Industries

Bandit Industries Inc., Remus, Mich., manufactures the 2680, 3680 and 5680 models of horizontal Beast Recycler grinders; whole tree chippers in 14-, 18-, 19- and 24-inch diameter capacities; and the Brush Bandit hand-fed, disc-style chipper available in 6-, 9-, 12-, 14- and 18-inch diameter capacities. The Beast Recyclers can process whole trees, stumps, pallets, and construction and demolition (C&D) debris in one pass, the company says. READER SERVICE NO. 151

CW Manufacturing

Sabetha, Kan.-based CW Manufacturing Inc. offers 10 standard HogZilla models, including self-propelled, track-driven and self-loading units. Tub grinders range from 525 tons per hour (tph) to 1,500 tph. The company also has introduced a combination tub cover and back-stop assembly that lets the operator control thrown objects through a guard that hydraulically adjusts from a high and wide position to a fully enclosed position for cleaning. READER SERVICE NO. 152

Diamond Z Manufacturing

The self-mobile Model SWG1600 waste grinder from Diamond Z Manufacturing, Caldwell, Idaho, can process more than 200 tph of directly fed solid waste at the working landfill face, according to the company. The grinder then discards the reduced material into the landfill. READER SERVICE NO. 153


DuraTech Industries International Inc., Jamestown, N.D., has introduced the Model 4012 industrial tub grinder, featuring a heavy duty hammermill and wet clutch, 10??ot transport width, 36-inch-wide by 26-foot-long oscillating conveyor, and 12??ot-diameter tub. It can grind up to 350 cubic yards per hour, according to the company. READER SERVICE NO. 154

Granutech-Saturn Systems

Granutech-Saturn Systems Corp., Grand Prairie, Texas, manufactures the Grizzly grinder and Roto-Grind single-rotor unit. The Grizzly grinds food and municipal solid waste (MSW), scrap tires and asphalt shingles. Grinders have production rates as high as 16,000 pounds per hour, the company says. The Roto-Grind can be used for scrap plastics, carpet, medical waste, pallets, documents and aluminum. READER SERVICE NO. 155

Jones Manufacturing

Jones Manufacturing Co. Beemer, Neb., offers the Mighty Giant line of commercial tub grinders. Models range from bark grinders to units with engines and hydraulic grapple forks, and engines of up to 660 horsepower (hp) are available. READER SERVICE NO. 156


The 4600 Wood Hog horizontal grinder from Morbark Inc., Winn, Mich., can produce between 150 yards per hour and 400 yards per hour of material, the company says. The 4600 is 36 feet, 8 inches long; 13 feet, 2 inches high; 8 feet, 6 inches wide; and weighs 52,500 pounds. Features include 375-hp to 525-hp engines. The company also manufactures the 3600, 5600 and 7600 Wood Hogs. READER SERVICE NO. 157

Peterson Pacific

Eugene, Ore.-based Peterson Pacific Corp. offers the DD 4800-DH portable chip plant, which processes between 40 tph and 60 tph. The company also offers the DD 5000-G portable chip plant, the HC 2400 recycler series of grinders, HC 5400 and HC 5410 models, and HC 7400 models. READER SERVICE NO. 158

Precision Husky

Precision Husky Corp., Leeds, Ala., manufactures the Precision 2675 whole tree chipper, with a 48-inch top roll length, 21-inch top roll diameter and 10-foot infeed conveyor chain. The grinder is 11 feet, 11 inches high; 11 feet, 6 inches long; 35 feet wide; and weighs 80,000 pounds. READER SERVICE NO. 159


Rotochopper Inc., St. Martin, Minn., manufactures electric stationary and mobile diesel wood waste grinders, which process pallets, brush and edgings into landscape mulch, animal bedding and boiler fuel from 25 yards per hour to 400 yards per hour, according to the company. Options include a colorizing system to grind and color landscape mulch in one pass. READER SERVICE NO. 160

Terex Recycling

Durand, Mich.-based Terex Recycling offers the Gruendler line of grinding equipment, including the Biogrind, Megagrind and Maxigrind models. Grinders process wood to create chips, mulch and wood flour. READER SERVICE NO. 161

Universal Refiner

The Rascal waste grinder from Universal Refiner Corp., Montesano, Wash., cuts and re-cuts material simultaneously, and can grind large stumps, demolition wood pallets, railroad ties, wire spools, green waste and asphalt road material. The Rascal grinds stumps up to 80 inches in diameter and up to 5,000 pounds, the company says. READER SERVICE NO. 162


Vecoplan LLC, Archdale, N.C., manufactures the 350-hp VVZ 300 low-speed double-shaft grinder, which has a 4-foot by 10-foot vertical infeed opening to process pallets, boxes, cable drums, demolition timber, furniture, MSW, particle board and bark. Features include solid cutting rotors with replaceable inserts and air-spring impact protection. READER SERVICE NO. 163

Vermeer Manufacturing

Vermeer Manufacturing Co., Pella, Iowa, has introduced the HG525 trailer-mounted horizontal feed grinder to recycle green waste and storm debris. Features include a turbocharged and air-to-air charge-cooled Caterpillar engine, SmartFeed system that monitors engine revolutions per minute (rpm) and material feed rates, and slat feed table. READER SERVICE NO. 164

West Salem Machinery

West Salem Machinery Co., Salem, Ore., offers the Brute portable wood recycler to process wood, green waste, pallets and C&D waste. Features include dual magnets for ferrous metal removal, hydraulically operated pivot housing, and a fluid clutch for push-button starting and overload protection. READER SERVICE NO. 165

Williams Patent Crusher

The Nife Hog heavy duty granulator from St. Louis-based Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Co. Inc. reduces tires, aluminum, cable, wire, flooring, circuit boards and hazardous waste. Features include a screen assembly and indexable rotor disks mounted in 8-inch spherical bearings. READER SERVICE NO. 166

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