Loaded Up & Truckin’

Loaded Up & Truckin’

Byline: Erin Spinka and Fleet Owner magazine



The CP Python from Heil Environmental Industries, Chattanooga, Tenn., is a continuous-pack automated side loader that combines the Python arm, which offers 9-foot (ft.) reach, with the Rapid Rail body. The body features high-tensile steel in areas and uses the paddle packer design to continuously sweep the hopper and pack the load. The arm’s cycle time is six to eight seconds, according to the company. Seven body sizes are available and range from 16 cubic yards (cu. yds.) to 32 cu. yds. Other products include the PowerTrak rear loader, the PowerLift side loader and the MultiPack refuse collection vehicle.


Labrie Equipment, St. Nicholas, Quebec, manufactures the Minimax straight-frame side loader. The unit is available in body capacities from 10 cu. yds. to 12 cu. yds. excluding the hopper area. The side loader also features curved walls and roof, outside cab controls, dual hopper doors, two 8-inch (in.) by 8-in. steel mesh metal windows and a tailgate safety prop. The hopper features a three-piece folding packer ram and canopy to diminish wind effect, the company says. Additionally, the Automizer side loader, Expert 2000t side loader, the Optimizer front loader and the Top Select recycling body come with a range of capacities, according to the company.


Leach Co., Oshkosh, Wis., has introduced its Series III line of rear loaders. The 2R-III rounded body features 15 percent greater ejection force than the 2RII, according to the company. The unit body is made of 80,000 pounds (lbs.) per square inch (psi) steel, single-sheet construction and three floor flanges. The Series III body is 5 in. shorter than the Series II, making it compatible with a greater variety of garage door heights, the company says.


Lodal, Kingsford, Mich., manufactures the Evo Series side loader, featuring a front-axle drive, deep hopper, short wheel base, dual hydraulic cylinders, low-cab floor design and low step-on side platforms. The top-hinged tailgate of the loader opens using hydraulics.


Kann Manufacturing Corp., Guttenberg, Iowa, has introduced the CC One Man/One Pass front-loading collection vehicle, which is part of the SOLO Series. The CC model is available in 23-, 31- and 35-cu. yd. capacities. The drop floor and bulkhead design allow for compartment adjustments in the field, according to the company. Individual compartment compactors deliver up to 700 lbs. per yard of packing force, the company says.


McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Dodge Center, Minn., offers the Command Zone R control system for McNeilus front loaders and AutoReach automated side loaders. The system uses Smart Field Effect Transistors (FETs), which replace fuses and protect electronic functions, the company says. Additionally, the system offers Electro Magnetic Immunity (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) protection, according to the company. McNeilus refuse bodies will come standard with light-emitting diode (LED) lights in 2004.


Peterbilt Motors Co., Denton, Texas, has made several changes to its low-cab-forward Model 320 refuse collection vehicle. Among the changes are standard electric windshield wipers, three-person seating, optional floodlights and improved roof-mounted air horns, according to the company. Peterbilt also will begin factory installation of clean-air, natural gas engines for Model 320 later this year.

Wayne Engineering

The Curbtender by Wayne Engineering Corp., Cedar Falls, Iowa, has programmable software controls for customizing and future upgrades, according to the company. A management shut-down system monitors the hydraulic system. Truck features include an electric joystick, the 2000-lb. Power Arm and a fully wrapped waterproof wire harness with IP67 Deutsch connectors, the company says.


Wittke, Medicine Hat, Alberta, offers the SuperDuty front loader for commercial solid waste accounts. With a heavy-duty hopper, packer blade and forks, the unit can handle large loads, the company says. The Wittke Standard and Superlight front loaders are available for residential and commercial markets. The company’s front loader line includes body sizes of 36, 40 and 44 cu. yds. Units’ arms are rated for 10,000 lbs., and their packing cycle times are 18 to 20 seconds, according to Wittke.


Clement Industries

Clement Industries Inc., Minden, La., offers its “Hi Performance” series of steel ejector units. The trailers’ capacities range from 55 cu. yds. to 100 cu. yds. and come in lengths ranging from 30 ft. to 52 ft. Ejectors are available in open and closed tops for compactor loading. The company says there is a Clement Ejector trailer to fit most waste hauling requirements. The company also manufactures stainless steel dump trailers for corrosive materials, such as fly ash, some sludges and ore concentrates.

East Manufacturing

The East Unloader aluminum transfer trailer from East Manufacturing, Randolph, Ohio, has a 100- to 140-cu. yds. capacity. Models are available with live unloading systems or for use on tipping platforms. The East “Genesis” smooth wall design is new for 2003. The top rail is made of extruded 9-in. by a-in. aluminum crossmembers that are 51/4 in. extruded I-beam design on 12-in. centers. The 101-cu. yd. trailer can be as light as 15,500 lbs., the company says.

J&J Truck Bodies

The DynaHauler live floor trailer from J&J Truck Bodies, Somerset, Penn., comes in steel, aluminum and smooth-side aerodynamic designs. The trailers come with Hallco or Keith floors in lengths ranging from 40 ft. to 52 ft. Capacities are up to 133 cu. yds., the company says. The trailers are built with a roller-style cross tie and machine-welded sides.

Kalyn Siebert

Kalyn Siebert, Gatesville, Texas, offers the Hydraulic Removable Gooseneck (HRG) trailer with a locking positive latch, five ride height adjustments, shot blast for metal preparation prior to paint and a high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint application system. Standard paint now includes an epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat with a three-year, limited warranty. The lower deck engine measures up to 25 ft. with a loaded deck height of 20 in. Four models are available.

Martin Marietta

Martin Marietta Composites, Raleigh, N.C., has introduced its live-floor transfer trailer made of 100 percent glass-fiber- reinforced polymer, except for the king pin, running gear and landing gear. The new design is intended to offer a lower tare rate and a higher capacity, according to the company. The first design will be 50 ft. long and weigh 12,800 lbs., offering a capacity of more than 132 cu. yds., the company says. Trailer production is expected to begin in the third quarter of this year.


McClain Industries, Sterling Heights, Mich., offers Hi-Cube transfer trailers with capacities up to 131 cu. yds., and the Super Hi-Cube with capacities up to 141 cu. yds. Units are designed in lengths up to 53 ft. and are available in both steel and aluminum, according to the company. Several doors are available, including barn, dutch, top-hinged, double door or flow-through doors. Transfer trailers are designed with an aerodynamic bulkhead with radius corners to provide greater fuel efficiency and strength, according to McClain.

Redwood Metal Works

Redwood Metal Works, Redwood Falls, Minn., manufactures the Silver Series refuse transfer trailer in aluminum and the Gray Series constructed with steel. The company also manufactures tipper trailers in both series. All are available in lengths to 48 ft., widths of 102 in. and capacities of 120 cu. yds., the company says. Options include spring or air ride suspensions, multiple axles, and aluminum wheels. Tarping systems also are available.


Enid, Okla.-based Steco manufactures the Ejector Trailer in steel and aluminum. Features include the aluminum live floor, open-top trailer and the 9-in.-by- a-in. extended top rail. The moving floor technology is supplied by Keith Manufacturing or Hallco Manufacturing. All Steco transfer trailers are standard with a a-in. wall on a Reyco 21B, four-spring, nine-leaf suspension.

Titan Trailers

Titan Trailers Inc., Delhi, Ontario, offers the Thinwall extruded panel aluminum live floor trailer for heavy-duty applications.

Trail King

Trail King Industries Inc., Brookville, Pa., has added an extruded side aluminum tipper trailer to its product line. The company says the extruded hollow horizontal panel design eliminates wind drag associated with the conventional vertical post design and increases volume by approximately 7 cu. yds. The trailer’s tare weight is 12,500 lbs.

Travis Body & Trailer

Travis Body & Trailer Inc., Houston, manufactures the single-walled Aerotipper available in live floor or tipper style. The trailer can be from 45 ft. to 23 ft. long, and the standard 48-ft.-by-102-in.-wide tipper has a 125.1-cu. yd. capacity. No center brace is needed, and the company says a thicker top rail and inner horizontal rails resist side bow and add strength. Travis will custom build to suit various applications.

Trinity Trailer

Trinity Trailer Manufacturing Inc., Boise, Idaho, offers the Eagle Bridge trash trailer in two build options – light-weight and heavy-duty. Both feature the company’s frameless design and the three-chain and flap conveyor unloading system. The company says the driver does not need to climb into the bed of the trailer to get it clean. The company also offers corrosive-resistant stainless steel models.

Vantage Trailers

Vantage Trailers Inc., Katy, Texas, has introduced a smooth-side tipper trailer featuring no center bar. The trailer is double-tapered from front to rear, includes sizes from 45 to 53 ft. and features capacities from 117 cu. yds. to 145 cu. yds., the company says.

Western Trailers

The refuse and construction and demolition (C&D) trailers from Western Trailers, Boise, Idaho, are built to spec and come in varying capacities and axle configurations. Lengths range from 28 ft. to 56 ft. Some features of the trailers are one-piece, heated aluminum top rails with anti-snag rail support; 125-in. natural aluminum side skin riveted to the chassis and side posts with stainless rivets in high-wear areas; and interior posts in the front wall.

Class 8 Models


Hagerstown, Ind.-based Autocar’s 2004 model-year Xpeditor WX, WXR and WXLL chassis now can be equipped with 7L to 11L diesel engines from Caterpillar (Cat) and Cummins. The Cat C-10 diesel fuel “bridge” engine, rated at 305 horsepower (hp.) with 1,050 pounds per foot (lbs.-ft.) of torque, and its C-10 dual-fuel counterpart, powered by a combination of natural gas and diesel, now are available on Xpeditor WX and WXR models. The “bridge” label refers to the fact that the C-10 is not fully compliant with ’02 emissions regulations.

Specially engineered V-rated engines from Cummins include the ISM-EGR 285V (285 hp.; 1,050 lbs.-ft. of torque) and the ISM-EGR 320V (320 hp.; 1,150 lbs.-ft. of torque).

New Cummins EGR engines are options. The 11-L ISM-EGR is available with 350-hp. delivering 1,350 lbs.-ft. of torque at 1,200 revolutions per minute (rpm) and the 385-hp. model, which produces 1,450 lbs.-ft. of torque at 1,200 rpm. The engines will be available on trucks manufactured beginning October 2003. The 385-hp. version will be available on WX and WXR models only.

The Cummins-Westport 8.3L C-Gas Plus engine, fueled with compressed natural gas (CNG), now is available on the WXLL model. Beginning Sept. 1, 2003, it will also be available on the Xpeditor line.

September also will bring changes to the Xpeditor’s cab. Drivers will get three more inches of belly room and 41/2 more inches of knee and leg room. These gains were achieved by spec’ing a new 6-in. steering wheel and repositioning the seats and seatbelts.

Crane Carrier

Crane Carrier Co., Tulsa, Okla., is offering the LET2 and LCF cab and chassis with features such as a 51/2-inch deeper cabin, deeper windshield, tilt and telescoping steering columns, and a high-output HVAC system with a plastic formed dash housing, the company says. The LET2 design has a crew cab configuration with seating for up to five forward-facing passengers in individual bucket seats. The company continues to integrate a remote mounted radiator design to provide occupants interior space while offering capacity to cool EPA emissions-compliant diesel engines. The LET2 low-entry, cab forward chassis will offer the Cummins ISC, ISL, ISM, Cat C7, C9 and C10, and C11 ACERT diesel engines in 2004.


Freightliner Trucks has enhanced its Classic and Classic XL highway models. Class 8 vehicles are using a new chassis design now in production. The OEM says the upgrade, as well as a new leaf-and-a-half taper-leaf front suspension with a lower dynamic rate, improves ride, maneuverability and handling.

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) also has rolled out a 112-in.-bumper to back of cab (BBC) version of its Class 8 Columbia highway tractor. The new model is aimed at short- and long-haul fleets. It features a shorter length for maneuverability, visibility and payload, according to the OEM. The Columbia 112 is available with Mercedes-Benz MBE 4000 or Cat engines in ratings up to 470 hp. Transmission choices include Eaton Fuller, ArvinMeritor and Allison.


International Truck and Engine Corp.’s newest Class 8 is the 7000-Series Integrated Roll-Off (IRO) truck for severe-service waste collection operations. The pre-engineered chassis is ready to accept the roll-off hoist system, and the pre-punched frame is designed to accept the body so customers can buy the complete truck and hoist from a single source. International diesel engines are standard; Cat and Cummins engines are options. Dual steering gears are standard with axles of 16,000-lbs. or greater capacity. All IROs will be fitted with G&H hoists offering a 10-in. roll-off frame, 50-degree dump angle, cycle times as low as 22 seconds (sec.) for hoist up and 12 sec. for hoist down. Up to 75,000-lbs. capacity, and 22- or 24-ft. rails to accommodate different container sizes.


Kenworth Truck Co. is introducing a new extended day cab to provide drivers with more room and storage space, as well as a conversion kit to turn sleeper cabs into day cabs. Available on the T600, T800 and W900, the extended day cab option is aimed at regional haulers and vocational customers looking for more cab comfort. The OEM also is offering the lightweight AG400 Series air ride suspension, offered at axle ratings of 40,000 and 46,000 lbs.


Allentown, Pa.-based Mack Trucks Inc.’s newest Class 8 is the Granite snowplow model. Features include a heated windshield and mirrors, which, coupled with the Granite series’ aerodynamically sloped hood, Mack visibility door and large peep window are designed to provide visibility in wintry conditions, notes the OEM. The air cleaner is located under the hood to protect it from snow and ice. High-strength steel in the front to carry the plow and hitch is an extension of the frame rail to ensure durability. Optimally spaced steps ease getting in and out of the cab. The larger cab includes a steering column that tilts and telescopes and a multi-adjustable seat.

New transmission and engine brake offerings include the 10-speed T310 Maxitorque ES transmission available in Vision, CH and Granite models. It can be matched with any of Mack’s ASET engines. The PowerLeash engine brake is available on all Mack ASET engines and reaches 420 braking hp. at 2100 rpm, and delivers a 50 percent reduction in brake response time, the company says.


Peterbilt Motors Co. says its special-edition Model 379X, which begins production in September, has polished aluminum fenders, a Pete oval-pattern grille, a polished aluminum centerline hood accent and a brushed aluminum dash. Other new features from Peterbilt include a larger standard rear window and optional rear corner windows on all day cab tractors. The Eaton Fuller UltraShift automated 10-speed transmission is optional. The UltraShift will have limited availability through 2003, with full availability in 2004 on Model 379, 387, 385, 378 and 357 vehicles.

Low Maintenance System (LMS) aluminum hubs are standard for steer and drive axles on heavy-duty Peterbilts. A new version of Peterbilt’s own Low Air Leaf tandem air suspension is available on all models. The suspension is 325 lbs. lighter than the company’s previous version and has a 40,000-lb. load rating.

Sterling Truck

Sterling Truck Corp. is making Dana’s Central Tire Inflation (CTI) system available on its L-Line models. According to Sterling, the factory-installed system gives truck operators the flexibility to quickly and easily change tire pressure while in motion. According to the OEM, CTI operates by using air from the vehicle’s on-board compressor. Steer and drive tire pressures are microprocessor-controlled. The system is designed to adapt to vehicle load condition-empty or full-and boasts three pressure modes: highway (high speeds on pavement); off-highway (unpaved surfaces) and emergency (extra low pressure to help free stuck vehicles).


Greensboro, N.C.-based Volvo Trucks North America’s new VN line encompasses eight medium- and long-nose models. The new truck is 400 lbs. lighter than the first VN and 1,500 lbs. lighter than Volvo’s previous conventional tractor. The long-haul VNL features aerodynamic styling with an integrated chassis fairings and a repositioned cab to reduce the gap between the tractor and trailer by as much as 12 in., Volvo says.

The medium-nose VNM for regional and vocational hauling uses a more traditional headlight design, retains much of the VNL’s integral aerodynamics and is offered in three configurations. Power options for the VN are the 12-L Volvo VE with ratings ranging from 365 to 465 hp., and the Cummins 15-L ISX with ratings ranging from 400 to 565 hp. Both use cooled EGR to meet ’02 emissions limits.

The VN’s cooling and air-charge systems have been redesigned to handle the higher temperatures created by the EGR engines. The new trucks have an exclusive air-ride front axle, color-coded air and electrical lines, optional unitized hubs for both front and drive axles and a chassis fairing that can be opened and removed by one person.

Waste Age Assistant Editor Erin Spinka complied the refuse truck body and trailer section of this report. Waste Age’s sister publication Fleet Owner magazine compiled the information on Class 8 trucks.

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