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Byline: Danielle Jackson and the editors of Fleet Owner magazine.

Trucks are the lifeblood of all garbage operations. To keep trash pumping through the solid waste system and assist with your fleet purchasing decisions, Waste Age and its sister publication, Fleet Owner magazine, have compiled the most up-to-date product information on chassis and garbage truck bodies.


Bridgeport Truck Manufacturing

The Bridgeport automated side loading compaction body from Bridgeport Truck Manufacturing Inc., Bridgeport, Texas, is available in 16-cubic-yard (cu. yd.) to 34-cu. yd. units, and includes a 4-yard hopper. Features include single 4-way air joystick controls or 3-lever controller with rocker switch pad, grippers that can handle 32- to 450-gallon carts, and an air-operated continuous packer.

G&H Manufacturing

Both refuse and recyclables can be hauled in the Model R-90 multi-compartment rear loader from G&H Manufacturing Ltd., Arlington, Texas. Individual compartments allow for collection without contamination, and the tailgate of each compartment has its own configuration, and raises and dumps individually, according to the company.

Haul-All Equipment Systems

Haul-All Equipment Systems, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, manufactures four side loaders – the Twister high-compaction loader, M-Class loader, Super Curbster and RP-235. The M-Class is available in 12-cu. yd. to 21-cu. yd. capacities. Options include the Litter Loder vacuum attachment, pressure washer, utility cabinet, barrel and cart dumper, and chipper door. The Super Curbster body ranges from 10 cu. yds. to 16 cu. yds. The RP-235 is used for commingled and co-collection of waste, compost and recyclables. The twin compartments of 16-cu. yd. and 19-cu. yd. models allow up to 35 cu. yds. of collected material, the company says.


Heil Environmental Industries Ltd., Fort Payne, Ala., has introduced the MultiPack collection vehicle, a combination automated side loader equipped with a rear loader tailgate. Features include Heil’s Python automated lift, which has a 6-second cycle time and 9-foot reach, and a Formula 5000 rear loader tailgate, which has a 3-cu. yd. hopper and linkage packing system.

Kann Manufacturing

Kann Manufacturing Corp., Guttenberg, Iowa, manufactures the KE commercial front loader, featuring a 41-cu. yd. total capacity, 8,000-pound (lb.) and 10,000-lb. arms, air controls, and a 12-yard hopper.

Labrie Equipment

Labrie Equipment Ltd., Saint-Nicholas, Quebec, Canada, offers the Automizer and Expert 2000 side loaders with systems that allow for natural gas propulsion. A storage tank configuration for compressed natural gas is 2,500 pounds per square inch (psi).


Leach Co., Oshkosh, Wis., manufactures the Beta rear loader, a high-compaction, full-eject unit for residential and limited commercial applications. Features include a 3-cu. yd. hopper, a 1,000-pound per cu. yd. compaction rating, 100,000 psi steel hopper bottom and external tailgate props. The Beta loader is available in 16-, 18-, 20- and 25-cu. yd. capacities. The company also has added tailgate enhancements to its 2R series of rear loaders, including a 3.5-yard hopper and interchangeable packer and carrier cylinders.


Rear loader refuse bodies from Loadmaster Corp., Norway, Mich., include the Excel, 400 Series, Legacy and Elite models. The Excel is designed with curved one-piece sides for easier cleaning and features a 3.5-cu. yd. hopper, the company says. The 400 Series has a traditional high-compaction design. The Legacy is a mid-compaction loader, and the Elite is a smaller high-compaction unit that comes in 6-, 8- and 10-yard sizes.


Lodal, Kingsford, Mich., manufactures the Evo Series side loader, featuring a front-axle drive, deep hopper, short wheelbase, dual hydraulic cylinders, low-cab floor design and low step-on side platforms. The top-hinged tailgate of the loader opens using hydraulics.

Mabar/Impac Waste

Mabar/Impac Waste, Fairview, Okla., manufactures the Impac side loader, Impac Sprinter side loader, Predator side loader/leaf collector and RaV residential automated vehicle. The Impac side loader is available in 20-, 25-, 30- and 33-cu. yd. capacities, has a 3,000-lb. lift capacity, and features in-cab controls. The Impac Sprinter is available in 30-, 32- and 36-cu. yd. capacities and has a 12-second lift dump and recycle time, 3,000-lb. lift capacity, 30-inch reach, 115,000-lb. packing force on compaction and in-cab controls. The RaV has a 6-ton capacity payload, is available in 16- and 20-cu. yd. capacities and has a 7-second dump cycle at engine idle.

McClain EZ-Pack

McClain EZ-Pack Inc., Galion, Ohio, offers the EZ-Pack residential front loader for bulk, semi-automated and automated carts. Features include single-lever automated air control. The loader is equipped with a high-flow, low-revolutions per minute (rpm) system designed to cut fuel costs by as much as 10 percent, the company says.


McNeilus Cos., Dodge Center, Minn., has introduced the StreetForce line of truck bodies, including a manual/automated side loader, ALLCAN grabber arm, rear end loader and automated full-eject (AFE) side loader. The StreetForce manual/automated side loader features single-cylinder body dumping and is available in 20- to 31-cu. yd. capacities, with overall lengths as short as 240 in. The ALLCAN grabber, available on the automated side loader, picks up 30- to 300-gallon containers and is available with three body sizes up to 26 cu. yds. Optional articulation lets users pick up several containers or maneuver around obstacles without moving the vehicle, the company says. The rear-end loader has an arched side, roof and door, and has body lengths as short as 189 inches (in.). The AFE side loader has a 31-cu. yd. capacity and ejects waste at landfills without raising the body of the truck, according to the company.

New Way/Scranton

New Way/Scranton Manufacturing Co. Inc., Scranton, Iowa, offers the King Cobra line of high-compaction, heavy-duty rear loaders. Vehicles use a 3??uare-yard hopper and direct-linkage hydraulics. Models are available in 25- and 32-cu. yd. capacities.

Wayne Engineering

Wayne Engineering Corp., Cedar Falls, Iowa, offers the Wayne PowerLynx rear loader, and AutoCat and Curbtender automated side loaders. The PowerLynx has a curved-shell body, short tailgate, a compaction force of up to 1,000 lbs. per cu. yd. and a 2.5-cu. yd. static hopper capacity. The PowerLynx has a 74-in. opening, with 12-, 15-, 17- and 20-cu. yd. bodies. The AutoCat has a close reaching arm that motions up the side of the hopper during container handling and offers simultaneous load-and-pack operation. The Curbtender bodies are available in 20-, 24-, 27- and 31-cu. yd. capacities.


Wittke Inc., Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, offers the Crocodile automated side loader, featuring packing technology, independent arm and pack functions, external hydraulic cylinders, and a friction-free pack system, according to the company.



Dearborn, Mich.-based Ford Motor Co. has made several changes to its F-Series Super Duty trucks for model-year 2003, including hydraulic brakes and an optional 18,000-lb. gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) towing package for the F-650. For the F-750, air or hydraulic brakes are available, with an optional 26,000-lb. GVWR towing package, as well as an 8,500-lb. front axle and 17,500-lb. rear axle.


Freightliner, Portland, Ore., has launched the next generation of its medium-duty line: the Business Class M2. Trucks will span class 5 through 8 and offer 100-, 106- and 112-in. bumper to back of cab (BBC) models.

Highlights of the M2 line include an aluminum cab and sloped hood, and wheel cuts as sharp as 55 degrees. Mercedes-Benz MBE900 4- and 6-cylinder diesel engines, in ratings from 170 to 280 horsepower (hp) with an Allison automatic transmission are standard.


Chicago-based International Truck & Engine Corp. is rolling out a new Class 7 construction model. The 7600 severe-service 4? and 6? models, targeted for heavy-duty waste and construction applications, are slated to go into production this summer. Powertrain choices include Caterpillar C-10 and C-12 engines, as well as Eaton Fuller manual and Allison HD automatic transmissions.


Mack Trucks, Allentown, Pa., is making no major changes to its Freedom Series line of medium-duty trucks, which began replacing its Mid-Liner Series last year. The Freedom line has four cabovers spanning Class 6 and 7, designated as the M, L, XL and XXL models. Each is offered in choice of cab size – the Standard 63-inch BBC or the 79-in. BBC XTRa cab. Freedom Series trucks are powered by the Mack E3 diesel engine, and have either the standard 210 hp or the optional 250-hp rating on XL and XXL models.


Peterbilt Motors Co., Denton, Texas, features new options for its Model 330 conventional, which is offered in Class 6-7 truck and tractor configurations. Chief among these is the availability of 5-speed automatic Allison 2000 and 2400 Series transmissions, which feature two-pedal operation.

Model 330s spec’d with optional hydraulic brakes (available on Class 6) come standard with a Bosch axle-mounted driveline parking brake.


Willoughby, Ohio-based Sterling Truck Corp.’s medium-duty (Class 5 and up) Acterra trucks are available with Mercedes-Benz 6-speed manual transmissions. The transmissions feature hydraulically actuated clutch systems in two versions – the direct-drive MBT520 for trucks up to 40,000 lbs. gross combination weight (GCW) and the overdrive MBT660 for trucks up to 60,000 lbs. GCW.

Transmissions are fully synchronized, have hydraulically activated clutches, and are compatible with Mercedes-Benz, Caterpillar and Cummins medium-duty diesel engines, the company says.

The Acterra line will otherwise continue virtually unchanged for 2003. Sterling says it plans to announce significant enhancements to its Acterra line of Class 5-8 trucks “shortly.”



Union City, Ind.-based Autocar, a subsidiary of Grand Vehicle Works Holdings, will focus on adding options to its Xpeditor line designed primarily for vocational fleets. A new lineup of Cummins engines are offered (285 to 330 hp.), with optional compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) versions. Midrange and heavy-duty automatic transmissions are available with single or tandem rear-axle options and a maximum GAWR of 52,000 lbs. Front axles are rated up to 20,000 lbs. with dual steer capability.

Autocar offers seven combinations to meet vocational needs, as well as a “lightweight package” of aluminum components. The Xpeditor has a low-profile cab with a two-piece windshield and setback corner pillars. A setback axle design allows for tighter turns, the company says. The T-Ride suspension features high articulation with standard 4-wheel differential-lock. The Xpeditor’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) comes with a severe-service brake package.

Crane Carrier

Crane Carrier Co., Tulsa, Okla., is offering a new LET2 and LCF cab and chassis with features such as a 5-in. deeper cabin, deeper windshield, tilt and telescoping steering columns, and a high-output HVAC system with a wrap-around plastic formed dash housing, the company says. The LET2 design has a crew cab configuration with seating for up to five forward-facing passengers in individual bucket seats. In 2003, the company continues to integrate a remote mounted radiator design to provide occupants interior space while offering capacity to cool EPA emissions-compliant diesel engines. The LET2 low-entry, cab forward chassis will offer the ISM’02 and C10 ACERT diesel engines in 2003.


Freightliner is ramping up production of its new flagship model, the Coronado. The 132-in. BBC truck is offered with both the 70-in. Raised Roof SleeperCab and its 70-in. Mid-Roof XT (Extra Tall) SleeperCab. It also is available as a day cab for bulk and regional hauling applications.

Other standard features include the OEM’s own AirLiner rear suspension and a unique “leaf-and-a-half” front spring suspension. Freightliner notes it will continue to produce its long-nose conventional models, the Classic and Classic XL, along with the Coronado.


International’s latest Class 8 model is the 8600 tractor. Part of the high performance truck family, the 8600 day cab is designed for regional hauling applications. The 107-in. BBC truck features a 46-in. setback wide-track front axle, sloped hood, curved windshield and standard cab rear-mounted air suspension. It is offered in 4? and 6? versions.

The International 5900i tractor for severe-service applications also has been introduced for on/off-highway use. The 4? truck requires no additional reinforcing for severe-service tasks, the company says. The 120-in. BBC truck has a set-forward 12,000-lb. front axle, matching parabolic taper-leaf front suspension, ArvinMeritor 23,000-lb. rear axle, Hendrickson 230 rear air suspension and Sheppard M-100 power steering. The engine is a 350-hp Cummins ISM diesel.


Mack Trucks is expanding its on-highway lineup with the Vision DayCab. The Class 8 model, available as a tractor or straight truck, offers GVW ratings ranging from 35,000 to 60,000 lbs.

The Vision DayCab can be spec’d with lightweight MaxAir suspensions and 12,000-lb. front and 40,000-lb. rear axles. For vocational applications, the truck can be ordered with 14,600-lb. front and 46,000-lb. rear axles, Mack camelback suspensions and new Maxitorque T300 transmissions.

The highway version of Mack’s ASET (Application Specific Engine Technology) engine powers the truck. It uses cooled exhaust gas recirculation (C-EGR) and variable-geometry turbocharging to meet EPA emissions mandates. Models will range from 310 to 460 hp, and will include a new 380/410-hp MaxiCruise version. ASET engines also will be offered in other Mack Class 8 trucks. ASET engines for on-highway fleets will use C-EGR, while vocational engines will rely on internal EGR (I-EGR) technology. C-EGR recirculates exhaust into the engine’s combustion chamber to burn off emissions, while I-EGR keeps the exhaust in the engine’s cylinders from one combustion cycle to the next to cut emissions, Mack says.


Peterbilt Motors Co. is offering a new cooling package designed for EGR engines that will arrive later this year. The new setup is said to improve cooling efficiency by 35 percent while reducing system weight by 80 lbs.

Its Model 357 features a redesigned hood and set-back front axle package for its straight truck and tractor configurations. The company is offering Hendrickson’s Haulmaax suspensions on all vehicles, which includes 40,000- and 46,000-lb. ratings for Models 379, 378, 385, 357, 362 and 320. It also is available for the Class 8 Model 330.


Sterling Trucks continues to offer L-Line heavy-duty vocational and on-highway trucks, A-Line highway tractors, and the low-cab-forward Condor for specialized vocational applications.

The company’s L/LT snub-nose conventional models, which can be ordered with several options for on- or on/off-highway applications, offer GVW ratings up to 66,000 lbs. and GCW ratings up to 138,000 lbs. Engine ratings range from 175 hp to 600 hp.

Sterling’s A/AT long-nose conventional models for on-highway operation offer GVW ratings up to 54,600 lbs. and GCW ratings up to 125,000 lbs. Engine ratings span 280 to 600 hp. The Condor offers a maximum GVW rating of 80,000 lbs. and engine ratings from 305 hp to 350 hp. An Allison automatic transmission is standard; Eaton Fuller manuals are optional.


Volvo Trucks North America Inc., Greensboro, N.C., had breaking news at press time. Although few details were available, Waste Age’s sister publication, Fleet Owner, has learned that later this summer, Volvo will roll out a new VN on-highway Class 8 model. VN chassis improvements include new front-axle positions and front air suspensions. Power will be supplied by the new Volvo D12 diesel engine, which features variable-pulse technology, as well as by Cummins powerplants.

Danielle Jackson is a Waste Age editor.

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