New Products

New Products

HD DVCPRO Gear By Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems AJ-HDC10/AJ-HDC20 camcorders/AJ-HD150 studio VTR: These three DVCPRO HD models support 1080i and 1035i recording formats for high-definition acquisition and recording. The AJ-HD150 ($65,000) is playback-compatible with both DVCPRO and DVCPRO50 cassettes. It offers an optional, internal video format converter, which provides for upconversion of 525 DVCPRO cassettes to 1080i, 1035i, and 720p HDTV-format outputs. The unit incorporates a 1.5Gbits/s high-definition SDI input/output, eight channels of digital audio with 16-bit/48kHz sampling, and metadata recording. The AJ-HDC10 ($65,000) utilizes one-million-pixel IT CCDs, and the AJ-HDC20 ($75,000) utilizes 2.2-million-pixel FIT CCDs. (Los Angeles; 800-528-8601;

Online Editor By Quantel Editbox FX: According to the company, this 16:9, DTV-ready editing system gains powerful effects plug-ins, Clipnet background load, a new editing engine, enhanced ergonomics, four hours of dual-bandwidth noncompressed storage, a clear HD upgrade path, and optional, software-switchable 24frames/s editing capabilities. The ability to work at 24frames/s allows single-format production without the need for special VTRs. This option costs $17,000. The Open Render Engine, priced at $36,000, provides users with fast, direct access to the full range of 5D’s Monster effects plug-ins, as well as other third-party plug-ins. Because the plug-ins are rendered as a background task, the Editbox editor can concentrate on the primary editing task. Starting price: $263,000. (Darien, CT; 203-656-3100;

HD Board By SGI HD I/O: When used with Silicon Graphics’ Onyx2 workstation for visual computing and the Origin 2000 server, this board allows for the generation and acceptance of real-time, uncompressed HDTV content in the 1080i and 720p formats. In addition to support for 1920x1080i@59.94Hz and 1280x720p@59.94Hz, the board offers support for genlock. The board has a parallel I/O connector. Special cabling is provided to connect to external serial/parallel converters such as YEM’s PSP-292M. Price: $18,000. (Mountain View, CA; 650-960-1980;

Windows NT Editing By Discreet Logic edit* v5.0: According to the company, this version incorporates an integrated audio and video finishing toolset that provides: support for uncompressed image quality and a wide range of compressed resolutions; multicam support for creative editorial; Apple QuickTime 3.0 support; and workgroup editing using Number One GM’s Jobnet software. Thanks to extended integration with paint* and effect*, editors also gain direct access to advanced 3D compositing, rotoscoping, motion tracking, and image-manipulation tools. The offering is available in two core products based on editorial and finishing features and onboard solutions from Matrox and Truevision, each with two options. Price: $7,995 for edit*; $11,995 for edit* plus (software only). (Montreal, Quebec; 800-869-3504;

Affordable Turnkey Editing System By Avid Technology Avid ShowBiz Producer: Designed for creative professionals who want to communicate with video and multimedia, this Windows NT editing system is being offered in partnership with IBM. It uses DV25 technology for editing and capture capabilities, crisp image quality, and DAT-quality audio. The product provides support for the IEEE-1394 interface, as well as integrated support for all 1394-based cameras. Avid and IBM will offer the product as part of a turnkey solution that includes Avid editing software, a 1394 DV capture card, an IBM IntelliStation workstation, an IBM monitor, and storage. Price: less than $10,000. (Tewksbury, MA; 978-640-3486;

NLE Workstation By Blossom Technologies Fury X2: This real-time nonlinear editing workstation features dual 500MHz Xeon III processors, 1GB of 100MHz memory, five hours of high-quality video storage, built-in 3DVE effects, and SDI. Users can record live video, animations, and audio to the hard drives. There are 350 real-time transitions; real-time linear keying, lumakeying, chroma keying, titling, and serial digital I/O; and a real-time 3DVE with more than 400 3D effects. Price: $39,995. (Miami; 305-266-2800;

Windows NT Toaster By NewTek Video Toaster NT: This uncompressed D1 (composite, component, Y/C) Windows NT editing system allows users to infinitely layer video without concern for unwanted artifacts, according to the company. Users can manipulate uncompressed video in many ways, including traditional 2D compositing, rotoscoping, 3D animation, and modeling and editing. The product also comes with LightWave VT 3D animation software and Aura, a paint, 2D animation, rotoscoping, and video layering system. Price: $2,995. (San Antonio; 210-370-8000;

Apple Editing and Effects By Apple Computer Final Cut Pro: Sophisticated editing tools, such as three-point editing, match frame, and multitrack trimming, with advanced compositing and effects highlight this product. Proxy-free compositing allows producers to see exactly how their video will appear in the finished product. Users can position and manipulate video elements in the viewing screen instead of a dialog box. Other features include: simultaneous playback of video to a computer screen and either a TV, VCR, or camera; the ability to view large video windows with stutter-free playback; and true plug-and-play video/audio input and output through support of FireWire. The product runs on the Power Macintosh G3. Price: $999. (Cupertino, CA; 408-996-1010;

High-Definition Format By JVC Professional Products D-9 HD: Three products for use with this 100Mbits/s component digital recording format for HDTV are available: a switchable 1080i/720p studio VTR, a 720p camcorder, and a 1080i camcorder. The camcorders include a tightly integrated D9 HD VTR in a lightweight package. Maximum recording time is 60 minutes on each unit. Using a 1/2-inch metal-particle tape, D-9 HD is able to record the volume of data necessary to achieve a true, high-definition picture. It includes eight independently editable audio channels. The VTRs are able to play back previously recorded 50Mbits/s D9 (Digital-S) tapes. Price: Not available. (Wayne, NJ; 973-315-5000;

Compositing and Effects By Videonics Effetto Pronto: New features with version 2.0 include the ability to animate point-of-view in true 3D space, and Dynamic Effects Caching, which accelerates the software’s production speed. This feature automatically stores each frame of each object

to a RAM and/or disk cache the first time it is processed. When it comes time to preview or render, the software pulls items directly from the cache without reprocessing. Other new features include an audio playback dialog, crop regions greater than the object’s original size, nested compositions, RAM Preview, improved blending modes, and Bezier splines with velocity control. Version 2.0 is compatible with all Macintosh G3 models as well as the version 8.5 operating system. Price: $5,500. (Campbell, CA; 408-866-8300;

Telescoping Mast By GiraffeCam ProTower : This 40-foot-tall telescoping mast allows users to peer over obstacles, such as buildings and crowds. The remote-controlled camera platform mounted on top enables the user to control the camera from the ground. The camera’s output is viewed via a built-in display in the control station’s console. When mounted on any vehicle, the mast can be collapsed to 14 feet and folded horizontally over the top of the vehicle. Price: $26,450. (So. San Francisco, CA; 415-666-0719;

Unique Chromakeyer By Play HoloSet: A custom-developed, synthetic reflector background and a special HoloRing optical emitter are the main components of this chromakeyer. The user attaches the HoloRing to a standard camera lens and places the HoloSet synthetic reflector in the scene. When illuminated by the HoloRing’s uniform light wavelength, the synthetic reflector sparks to life with an intense glow that is perfectly even yet invisible to the naked eye, according to the company. While the background appears neutral gray, the camera sees a broadcast-quality key source without background chroma spill or blue fringes. Starting price: $995. (Rancho Cordova, CA; 916-851-0800;

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