NAB 2001; The Future of E-Broadcasting

NAB 2001; The Future of E-Broadcasting

It’s hard to imagine, but another year has passed and it’s time once again to decide what you want to get out of your April trip to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention, April 21-26 in Las Vegas. It’s going to be another jam-packed show with something for everyone. There’ll be hundreds of new products; keynote speeches from industry leaders; more than 1,500 exhibiting companies; 120-plus sessions; and several Super Sessions, including the new Digital Video Production Workshop. Also new to the show this year is E-TOPIA, an exhibit hall dedicated to showcasing the newest technologies in electronic media.

To help you get a head start in planning your time at the show, the following pages offer descriptions of some of the hottest products that’ll be introduced. In some cases, new product information is a bit sketchy, since vendors weren’t quite ready to reveal all of their secrets at press time. But at the very least, this product preview will help you get a feel for some of the tools and technologies that will be introduced at the event, allowing you to make plans to visit the vendors from whom you’d like more information.

New this year in Video Systems is “NAB Compressed,” a special pull-out section located after page 82. Inside, manufacturers from 10 product categories are geographically listed in a “walking plan” of the showfloor. We have mapped out the best, most efficient route to locate manufacturers making similar products. This section is designed to save you time and to keep backtracking to a minimum.

Because NAB makes changes to its exhibitor list right up to the last minute, be sure to check the official show guide handed out on the showfloor if you have trouble locating a vendor. The listings in “NAB Compresssed” reflect the most current information provided by NAB at press time.

This year will again be an exciting show and it should prove to be a milestone for many reasons. We invite you to stop by any of the Intertec Publishing booths (S3566, R2601, T1950, L7765) to pick up a copy of a showfloor map, browse through several industry-leading publications from Intertec, and even to sign up for free subscriptions. Good luck with your journeys through the glitz and glamour of the City of Lost Wages.

Standards Converter

By Snell & Wilcox

Mach 1: This system provides multiformat conversion using Motion Science motion-compensation technology. According to the company, the technology has been developed to provide superb conversion performance on video material containing high-quality motion. It is priced at less than $50,000 in a single rack unit. (Santa Clara, CA; 408-260-1000;

Nonlinear Editing System


dpsVelocity 8.0: This system combines real-time hardware and powerful software into a fully integrated nonlinear editing system for video, broadcast, CD-ROM, DVD, and the Internet. New features in this version include multicamera editing, real-time garbage mattes, multiple timeline support, and more. Standard real-time editing features include such effects as speed changes, rotation, warp and perspective, hundreds of customizable 2D/3D transitions, and rolling/crawling titles. Price: Not available. (Markham, Ontario; 630-305-9432;

Video Cassette Recorder/Player

By Sony Electronics

HDW-2000, HDW-M2000, HDW-M2100: This series represents an HDCAM studio VTR lineup that is designed to increase HD penetration for wider applications, such as HD ENG. The 2000 ($40,000) is an HDCAM recorder with HDCAM playback capability; the M2000 ($60,000) is an HDCAM recorder with Sony [fraction one-half]-inch format playback capability for Digital Betacam, MPEG IMX, Betacam SX, Betacam SP, and Betacam tapes; and the M2100 ($50,000) is a player with [fraction one-half]-inch format capability. The series provides built-in upconversion and downconversion, enabling the different units to be used in HD and SD operating environments. (Park Ridge, NJ; 800-686-7669;

Video Disk Recorder

By Doremi Labs

V1-MP2: This system uses 4:2:2 MPEG-2 compression with bit rates up to 50Mb/s for frame-accurate playback at any speed. Disk-based recording offers instant locate and play capability. It comes standard with a full-function front panel, two audio channels, and complete analog video inputs and outputs. Optional are digital component video, embedded audio, and up to eight channels of AES/EBU digital audio. This system can be controlled via its two RS-422 ports, 100BaseT Ethernet, or its front panel, which includes a jog/shuttle wheel and an optional video monitoring display. (Burbank, CA; 818-562-1101;

Touchpanel Control System

By Crestron Electronics

Isys TPS-4500: This advanced touchpanel features a 12-inch diagonal active matrix touch-sensitive SVGA display. Its modularity enables users to upgrade capabilities for video, Ethernet, and two-way wireless by installing optional expansion cards. With the videocard installed, this product can display full-motion NTSC or PAL video with 64,000 colors, supporting both composite and S-Video formats. This display includes VisionTools Pro-e Windows-based design and programming software. Users can create unlimited control screens with up to 4,000 functions, including buttons, sliders, digital readouts, pop-up menus, and icon configurations. Price: Not available. (Rockleigh, NJ; 800-237-2041;

Effects Package

By Boris FX

Boris RED2: In addition to adding more host support, a standalone rendering engine and improved rendering speed, this version also features a revamped interface with export options and file compression for Flash, AVI, and QuickTime. Effects now available to video professionals include vector paint, fully editable and animatable; rotoscoping and masking, customized creation, animation and extrusion of vector shapes; advanced text creation and animation, including text on a path, type-on and write-on text animation styles; and enhanced 3D compositing. Price: $1,995. (Boston; 617-451-9900;

Digital Camcorder

By Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems

AJ-HDC24A: This ⅔-inch IT three-CCD, variable-frame-rate DVCPRO HD camcorder can acquire 720-line, 24-frame progressive-scan HD images for digital cinema, television episodic, DVD, and web production applications. The CCDs feature 1280×720 effective pixel resolution and an on-chip lens system, resulting in a sensitivity of f/13 at 2000lux (in 24-frame mode at 50% shutter), smear immunity, and color accuracy. Twelve assignable scene file setups are offered: Four files can be stored inside the camcorder and eight files can be stored on a removable Secure Digital and multimedia memory card. Audio capabilities include two channels of 16-bit/48kHz digital audio, three microphone inputs, and a high-performance compressor circuit. Price: Not available. (Secaucus, NJ; 800-528-8601;

Cine-Style Lenses

By Fujinon

XA87x9.3ESM/XA87x13.2ESM: These field HD lenses feature the longest zoom lengths available for the high-definition television user, according to the company. They offer 87X magnification for applications where extreme close-ups and high-image quality are critical. They feature focal lengths up to 2300mm. This series is available with an optional integrated image stabilizer. Price: Not available. (Wayne, NJ; 973-633-5600;

Digital Video Switchers

By e-StudioLive

ECHOlab 5000 SuperSwitcher models: These three new switcher models feature an integrated NT workstation and versatile Commander control panel, which create a digital live production studio with a single point of control and compact size. The ECHOlab5990 large switcher, which includes illuminated source names, re-assignable inputs, 2.5 M/Es with full re-entry, standard DVE and chromakey, six keyers, 24 direct-access inputs, and up to 33 total inputs, including digital, analog, and DV, is priced from less than $50,000. The midrange ECHOlab5700 offers 1.5 M/Es with full re-entry, four keyers, and 16 direct-access inputs and is priced from less than $32,000. Priced at less than $20,000, the ECHOlab5500 also features 1.5 M/Es and four keyers as well as 12 direct-access inputs and up to 21 total inputs. The company also offers DV and webcasting options. (Chelmsford, MA; 978-805-5402;

Test and Measurement Equipment

By Videotek

STM-350: This product allows users to monitor multiple transmitter sites and multiple stations from a central location. It provides full confidence video and audio streaming for live motion image and stereo audio from Videotek’s VTM-300 and VTM400HD systems. It also offers increased ability to view real-time waveforms, vector, video, and audio displays using standard LAN, WAN, or Internet connections. Price: Not available. (Pottstown, PA; 610-327-2292;

Nonlinear Editing System

By Sony Electronics

XPRI: This nonlinear editing system provides clear and simple SD-to-HD migration solutions with HD 1080/24p universal mastering. This system combines uncompressed SD/HD performance with real-time native MPEG IMX 50b/s and HDCAM I/O to maximize storage capacity while preserving acquisition quality. The SD and the HD systems share the same software and hardware platform/interface. These products offer an intuitive user interface, newly designed linear-style USB control devices, and high-quality effects. Price: Not available. (Park Ridge, NJ; 800-686-7669;

Wireless Accessories

By Sennheiser Electronics

Evolution wireless accessories: Five new wireless accessories are being added to the Evolution wireless series. These include the ASP 1 antenna splitter, the AC 1 antenna combiner, AB 1 antenna booster, AM 1 adapter, and the A 1031-U wideband omnidirectional antenna. Each offers a choice of 1,280 frequencies, programmable in 25kHz increments for flexibility, and clarity in virtually any performance environment. Price: Varies according to product. (Old Lyme, CT; 860-434-9190;

System Switcher

By Extron Electronics

7SC: This seven-input, dual-output configurable video and computer-video switcher has a built-in video scaler and features system control along with RGB and video integration capabilities. This system offers quad-standard video decoding capability (NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, and SECAM) using a four-line adaptive comb filter. Six of the inputs are configurable for composite video, S-Video, component video, or RGB. Located on the front panel, the seventh input accepts composite video, S-Video or computer video in a 15-pin HD connector. This system switcher provides video scaling, RS-232 or IR projector and room control, universal compatibility with displays, and audio switching capabilities. (Anaheim, CA; 714-491-1500;

Camera Support

By Miller Fluid Head

DS60 & HD100: The DS60 fluid head delivers 150mm ball-leveling in a 4:4:4 pan/tilt and balancing system. Four selectable pan and tilt positions offer smooth drag from medium to heavy resistance, while four counterbalance positions and a 100mm offset sliding plate range allow balancing of camera/lens payloads from 33 to 55 pounds. The HD100 tripod is designed with a lightweight, two-stage carbon fiber system to be stronger, lighter, and more compact for transport than other high-capacity location tripods. Other features include the Arrow 50 fluid head, Quick-Lok vertical leg clamping, split-carry handle, and variable mid-level spreader. Price: Not available. (Artarmon, Australia; +61 2 9439 6377;

Digital Triax Camera

By Thomson Broadcast Systems

1707: This 12-bit camera is all-digital from acquisition to transmission over triaxial cable and is designed for high-quality pictures in all kinds of studio and outside-broadcast applications. It is available in Sportcam and Microcam versions. The Sportcam version provides the same performance and functionality as a traditional studio camera, allowing rapid conversion from a portable configuration into a studio or field production configuration with a 6.7-inch viewfinder. The Microcam is based on a 1707 camera body with the CCD block mounted remotely, which provides a compact camera head. The CCD block may be remounted in the camera body for use as a conventional portable 1707 camera. Price: Not available. (Englewood, NJ; 201-569-1650;

Widescreen Monitor

By Sony Electronics

BVM-F24U CineAlta: This 16:9 widescreen flat CRT monitor is intended primarily for critical evaluation of E-cinema content, such as motion pictures and television productions produced in 1080/24p. This product features internal circuitry to virtually eliminate flicker when viewing 24-frame material. Through a frame-rate conversion process, a single frame of 24-frame is scanned two or three times to display the frame signal at 48Hz or 72Hz. This monitor also supports a variety of DTV formats, including 1080/25psF; 1080/25p X2, X3, 1080/30psF, 1080/30p; 1080/30p X2 signals and native 1080/24p; 1080/24p X2, X3; and 1080/25p signals. Price: $27,000. (Park Ridge, NJ; 800-686-7669;

Presentation Switcher

By Folsom Research

ScreenPro Plus: With this product the operator can select up to 16 universal inputs accepting composite, S-Video, component video, and computer video sources. Sources are scaled to match the native resolution of the projection devices to ensure optimal image quality. Fourteen transition effects are available, including dissolves, wipes, cuts, and fade, and the duration of each transition is programmable. Price: Not available. (Rancho Cordova, CA; 916-859-2500;

Power Chargers

By Anton/Bauer

InterActive 2000 PowerChargers: This modular charging system includes two- and four-position chargers, choice of power ratings, diagnostic modules, charge expansion adapters, and standard AC mains adapter to power cameras. Simple software updates allow charging of new battery chemistries. A three-year Maxx warranty is available. Price: Not available. (Shelton, CT; 203-929-1100;

Field Editing Recorder

By Sony Electronics

DSR-70A: This enhanced revision of the DSR-70 DVCAM field editing recorder/player has a full range of analog and digital interfaces, responsive search dial function, and a built-in 6.4-inch VGA LCD screen. This model also has playback compatibility with DV family formats (25Mbits/s), including consumer DV (SP mode) and DVCPRO, as well as improved editing performance, DMC, and an internal signal generator. The DSBK-160A option board provides both i.LINK IEEE-1394 DV I/O and SDI input/output connections. Price: $12,500. (Park Ridge, NJ; 800-686-7669;

Digital Console

By Sennheiser Electronics

Sensory Compact: This product offers 32 mic/line inputs and eight line-only inputs feeding 32 patchable input channels. Each channel includes a digitally controlled preamp, a low-cut filter, and a gate/expander, as well as four bands of fully parametric equalization and a four-digit label display. Twelve busses mix down to three masters: L/R-mono, LCR, or user-defined arrangements. The unit also has 16 matrix outputs with full digital processing. Price: Not available. (Old Lyme, CT; 860-434-9190;

Graphic Switcher

By Analog Way

Graphic Switcher II: This switcher cuts, fades, dissolves, mixes, and makes wipes and title insertions. It features 16 computer/video inputs, including eight universal RGB inputs up to 1600×1280, HDTV, YUV, and component; eight composite video or four S-Video inputs; and one optional SDI 4:2:2 10-bit input. The Graphic Switcher II offers a keyboard with T-bar to control up to three units at the same time. Price: Not available. (New York; 212-269-1902;

Edit Upgrade

By Discreet

Edit 6.0: This version includes advanced support for Jobnet, the company’s NT-based real-time workgroup Storage Area Network product to enable sharing of media assets. It features embedded content creation, encoding, and web streaming capabilities with support for QuickTime, Windows Media Player, and RealNetworks codecs. Background distributed encoding offers the ability to produce video into many streaming formats for a range of data rates. Enhanced vertical compositing provides for sophisticated, multilayered effects. Other enhancements include multicam support and desktop integration with Combustion. Price: Not available. (Montreal, Quebec; 800-869-3504;

DV Camcorder

By Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems

AG-DVC200: This camcorder is equipped with three broadcast-quality, [fraction one-half]-inch, 410,000-pixel IT CCDs to deliver 800 lines of horizontal resolution, a signal-to-noise ratio of 62dB at the camera output, low smear, sensitivity of f/11 at 2000lux and low-light shooting to 0.5lux. Using a standard DV cassette, this product records for 276 minutes without a cassette change and offers a standard, [fraction one-half]-inch, bayonet lens mount that permits the use of any standard, [fraction one-half]-inch len. An IEEE-1394 digital interface facilitates uploading and downloading images and audio to a Mac- or Windows-based PC for nonlinear editing. Price: $5,495. (Secaucus, NJ; 800-528-8601;

Streaming Media Authoring

By Media 100

CineStream: This software-based interactive streaming media authoring system – the next evolution of the company’s EditDV – integrates EventStream technology. EventStream enables web designers to embed interactive instructions directly into streaming media programs to trigger highly visual, content-rich capabilities, including graphics, Flash animations, and Java applications – all synchronized with streaming video on the website. Other key features include “Pan and Scan” capability for eliminating unwanted portions of video images; pan, zoom, and rotate with true perspective; picture-in-picture with crop; and multiple composition support. This product is available for Windows and Macintosh. Price: $499. (Marlboro, MA; 508-303-4816;


By Pinnacle Systems

PDS 9000: Intended for live production for broadcast applications, this 36-input, 2.5 M/E production switcher offers nine independent 3D DVEs built-in as standard: three to each M/E and three for PGM/PST. External DVEs can be accommodated and controlled by the system, as can a variety of servers. YUV and RGB color correction are both available. BroadNeT compliant, any of the switcher’s 19 multipage framestores can be loaded from the company’s Lightning, Deko, Thunder, and DVEXtreme products over a standard 100BaseT network. Price: Not available. (Mountain View, CA; 650-526-1600;

Cinema Server


QuBit XL: This version offers an expanded chassis, larger storage capacity, and higher resolutions. It can accommodate up to 1.1TB of data. The system can connect to almost any piece of recording or display equipment and integrates up to eight hot-swappable hard drives, multiformat video and audio I/O, computer network connections for graphics and video editing, a digital tape drive, and UltraSCSI expandability. It also has room for up to nine video signal processing cards. Price: Not available. (Topeka, KS; 785-272-3656;

Fibre Channel Disk Arrays

By Medèa

StreamRaid: Incorporating up to 48 high-performance disk drives in a single 4U (7-inch), 19-inch rackmount enclosure, this disk array provides 3TB of usable RAID 3 and 3.6TB of JBOD storage per rack. The product is equipped with dual active-active controllers, redundant cooling fans, and redundant power supplies that can accommodate independent AC power cords. It provides up to 640MB/s sustained data transfer rate. Price: Not available. (Westlake Village, CA; 818-597-7645;

Digital Design/Delivery Workstations

By Media 100

iFinish 4 PowerGrade: Based on the company’s iFinish 4 and built on the Compaq Professional Workstation and DeskPro series, this series includes the iFinish 4 PowerGrade DV Edition, Streaming Edition, DVD Edition, and Broadcast Edition. Users can create streaming media content with which viewers can directly interact. The products incorporate interactive streaming media technology called EventStream, which enables web designers to embed interactive instructions directly into streaming media programs. The seamless workflow, integrated within one system, enables users to capture, edit, author interactivity, encode, and publish to the Internet. Users can acquire and deliver in any format, including DV, SDI, component, S-Video, and composite. Price range: $5,995 to $18,995. (Marlboro, MA; 800-773-1770;

DTV Server

By Accom

Abekas 6000 MultiFlex: Designed for mission-critical, on-air broadcast operations, this digital disk recording system features DVCPRO compression with user-selectable bit rates of either 25Mbits/s or 50Mbits/s. It can be configured with two, four, six, or eight digital video I/O channels and Fibre Channel networking. This system offers more than 127 hours of local RAID-3 disk storage in a single server. As many as 32 standalone servers can be networked into a single enterprise server system. Price: Not available. (Menlo Park, CA; 650-328-3818;


By Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems

AJ-HD130DC: For desktop, mobile, and field operations, this half-rack DVCPRO HD VTR weighs 19 pounds and operates on either 120V AC or 12V DC power. Using high-density ¼-inch tape, the unit offers 46 minutes of high-quality 1080×1920 interlace-scan or 1280×720 progressive-scan HD recording at 100Mbits/s video recording rate. The product offers eight 16-bit, 48kHz digital audio channels for multichannel applications and a 1.5Gbits/s, SMPTE 202M HD Serial Digital Interface for connection with other digital television equipment. A built-in HD/SD downconverter enables real-time downconversion of 1080i or 720p images, permitting standard-definition dubs or monitoring on an NTSC monitor. Price: Not available. (Secaucus, NJ; 800-528-8601;

Internet Delivery Appliance

By Telestream

ClipRemote: Users can transmit critical video and material directly from remote sites via terrestrial or satellite IP services to receiving stations located anywhere in the world. This product is housed in a rugged, lightweight, shock/weather-resistant case. It acquires baseband video and audio directly from standard news and information gathering sources and includes a synchronous serial data interface (SSI). The unit acquires and digitizes media, encodes it to user-selectable MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 approval to broadcast-quality settings and employs FTP and TCP/IP protocols to transmit the media files. Other features include built-in keypad control and a removable hard drive. Price: $7,500 without the SSI card; $8,500 with the SSI card. (Nevada City, CA; 530-470-1300;

HDTV Cameras

By Hitachi Denshi America

HDTV Cameras: At prices starting from less than $60,000, the company’s two new cameras offer simultaneous HDTV and NTSC video output and are 1080i, 480, and 720p capable, with downconversions also available. One camera, targeted for the broadcast-studio user, features an FIT chip and the other, aimed at smaller stations and field production, includes an IT chip. Both cameras are portable and feature studio adapters similar to the SA-777 studio adapter. Other features include digital processing, 2,200,000-pixel CCDs, constant operation in 16:9 HDTV format, 1200TV lines of resolution, and f/8.0 at 2000lux sensitivity. Digital processing is accomplished with a single VLSI. (Woodbury, NY; 516-682-4427;

Projectors & Displays

Portable Digital Projectors

By Toshiba

TDP-T1/TDP-S2: Housed in similar sleek bodies, these units boast a suite of advanced features and differ only in resolution. The T1 ($5,299) has True XGA resolution (1024×768) and is compatible with XGA, SVGA, VGA, and Macintosh data. The S2 ($3,499) has True SVGA resolution (800×600) and is compatible with XGA (compressed), SVGA, VGA, and Macintosh. Common features include multiple input connectors, a zoom lens, and remote-control capability. Five inputs include VESA, DVI with USB, RGB, NTSC, S-Video, and audio. Both offer 1300ANSI lumens of brightness. Other significant features include auto synchronization, auto tracking, auto positioning, auto source detection, auto black/white detection, proportional digital keystone correction, and 1080i and 720p HDTV compatibility. Price: Not available. (Irvine, CA; 800-288-1354;

Multimedia Monitors

By TV One Multimedia Solutions

LT Series: These multimedia display devices accept video and audio inputs, have built-in TV tuners, and some models directly handle computer signals. The LT-056 ($395) has a 5.6-inch diagonal screen with a brightness level of 350cd/msuperscript 2, a contrast ratio of 150:1, and a panel resolution of 320×234. The LT-070 ($595) has a 7.0-inch diagonal screen with a brightness level of 300cd/msuperscript 2, a contrast ratio of 150:1, and a panel resolution of 480×234. The $1,195 LTM-104 has a 10.4-inch diagonal screen with a brightness level of 250cd/msuperscript 2, a contrast ratio of 150:1, and a panel resolution of 640×480. Finally, the LTM-150X ($1,695) has a 15-inch diagonal screen with a brightness level of 250cd/msuperscript 2, a contrast ratio of 300:1, and a panel resolution of 1024×768. (Erlanger, KY; 800-721-4044;

Ultraportable Projector

By Mitsubishi Digital Electronics

X80 ColorView: Using the ColorView Natural Color Matrix technology, the LCD projector offers the option of displaying images with colors compliant to the RGB color standard. This product features 1500ANSI lumens of brightness, weighs 7.7 pounds, and has a compact footprint. It can project images up to 300 diagonal inches. Other features include a contrast ratio of 300:1, keystone adjustment accessible through remote control, and native 1024×768 XGA resolution. Price: $7,495. (Irvine, CA; 888-880-6351;

Graphics & Special Effects

2D Animation

By Cambridge Animation Systems

Animo 4: This product’s central new feature is Macromedia Flash output. Users can take advantage of the product’s scene graph, exposure sheet, drawing window, filters, and effects to create high-quality Flash animations. Special controls over filter nodes and bitmap images enable users to reduce the sizes of their Flash files for the low bandwidth of the Internet. This version also optimizes Flash files so that playback can begin as soon as possible. Other features include faster loading of large scenes in the Director module, the ability to work with a wider range of scanners, and an improved batch-rendering system. Price: Not available. (Cary, NC; 919-481-4599;

Post-Production System

By Avid Technology

Avid|DS Version 4.0: This version of the post-production system for creative finishing contains more than 3,000 enhancements. Increased inter-operability with other Avid systems increases the range and throughput of finished projects. Extended workgroup support provides the ability to automatically outsource effects to third-party applications, share media across projects, and import sequences and clips from remote machines. An optional remote processing capability is available. Price: Not available. (Tewksbury, MA; 978-640-6789;

Post-Production Effects

By Inscriber Technology

CG-FX: This product incorporates a broadcast-quality CG, real-time motion effects, alpha-awar logo creation, an event sequencer, and a timesaving template utility. Users can create real-time 3D effects, including twists, curls, and shatters. Price: Not available. (Waterloo, Ontario; 519-570-9111;

Master Control

By Pinnacle Systems

DekoCast: This product is a turnkey combination of real-time character generator, video and audio clip player, audio mixer and router, multichannel DVE, and advanced compositing engine. It comes with an advanced API for automation control. With 24 channels of audio, this product handles automated squeeze and crawl, squeeze and tease, credit sequences, and other broadcast combinations of re-scaled and positioned video with real-time playback of clips, graphics, and effects. Price: About $25,000. (Mountain View, CA; 650-526-1600;

Chromamatte Hardware

By Intelligent Paradigm

Primatte Explorer RT/HD: This real-time chroma matting hardware for high-definition television and electronic film processing features precision matte-control functions for high-quality video composition. The software is based on IMAGICA’s research and development in blue screen matting processes and color processing. The real-time core uses Video Explorer 2 video processing technology, which is flexible and reconfigurable, enabling solutions for difficult HD processing requirements. Users can produce a matte on any saturated color background. Color-correction enables quick and independent adjustment of both the foreground and background signals. Internal MSIC processing is 16-bits-per-channel. Price: Not available. (Schaumburg, IL; 847-413-1808;

Video Editing

Digital Video Effects System

By Accom

Abekas Dveous/HD: This high-definition version features an identical control interface to the Dveous and is available as an upgrade to existing systems. Its feature set is also identical so that the migration from standard definition is completely transparent to the operator. This system can be configured as single-twin or dual-twin channel. High-end features include reTouch RGB/YUV color correction, target frame store, wide-range DeFocus and SurfaceFX, dual light sources, and OrbitalFX. (Menlo Park, CA; 650-328-3818;

Real-Time Production System

By Kaydara

FiLMBOX 3.0: This latest version introduces new features, such as enhanced workflow infrastructure, additional support for character animation, and support for multiple 2D and 3D web formats. This product provides integration with all major 3D packages, enabling users of Alias|Wavefront Maya, Kinetix 3D Studio Max, NewTek Lightwave, and Softimage/3D to take advantage of its motion-capture and animation tools. The software is available on Windows NT, SGI IRIX, Red Hat Linux, and Apple Mac OS X. Price: Starts at $4,995. (Montreal, Quebec; 503-796-9822;

Switchers & Routers

Video Switching Engine

By Artel Video Systems

VideoStorm: This MPEG video switching engine is designed as a layer-7 broadband application switch, handling the routing, switching, and transport of multimegabit MPEG video services in real time, while managing video-specific traffic types, such as constant bit-rate and variable bit-rate feeds over packet-based networks. It is designed to arbitrate large volumes of real-time video traffic between networks of varying technologies, including ATM, IP, SONET, and SDH. This engine is capable of handling OC-3/STM-1 10/100 Ethernet speed traffic up to and beyond OC-48/STM-4, and gigabit Ethernet demands. This product comprises four functional segments: pre-post processing interface logic, transport stream deconstructor, application-aware switch fabric, and transport stream reconstructor. Price: Not available. (Boston; 508-303-8200;

Seamless Video Switcher

By Extron Electronics

SVS 100: This four input, one output video switcher improves presentation quality by providing seamless vertical interval switching without the need to genlock the sources. Video images are routed from such sources as VCRs, DVD players, scan converted PCs, laserdisc players, videoconferencing codecs, or document cameras. This system saves the individual settings required by each input source for consistent color, tint, brightness, and contrast levels across all sources to ensure color matching between multiple sources. Price: $3,650. (Anaheim, CA; 714-491-1500;

System Management

By Leitch

Command Control System: This control system encompasses new hardware control panels, both Windows and browser-based applications, and support for third-party manufacturers via serial or Ethernet ports. The Pilot application has the tools to configure, control, monitor, and secure access to the equipment on the network. Price: Not available. (Toronto, Ontario; 800-231-9673;

Edit Router

By Laird Telemedia

LTM-ER4: This product automates the upload and download of audio, video, and RS-422 control feeds into any nonlinear editor with the simple push of a button. It can route component, composite, Y/C, and balanced audio with full machine control. The product’s direction control enables the editor to use four decks for both sourcing and recording at a 1×4 router to upload or a 4×1 router to download. This system is designed to be used with Avid, Media 100, and G4-based NLEs. Price: Not available. (Mount Marion, NY; 800-898-0759;

Encoders, Converters & Compression

MPEG-2 Encoder

By Media 100

Cleaner MPEG SuperCharger: This product adds cross-platform MPEG-2 acceleration to the company’s original Cleaner 5 interactive streaming media authoring solution. Media encoding professionals can create MPEG-2 content for DVD, Super Video CD, CD-ROM, and digital media broadcasting from within a single system. According to the company, this product is up to 10 times faster than other comparable software-based products. Price: $999. (Marlboro, MA; 508-303-4816;

HDTV Upconverter

By Visual Matrix

MiniXBox-HDU: Standard features include aspect ratio controls, advanced filters, and digital HDTV outputs in all of the popular formats. High image quality is achieved via proprietary conversion technology that evaluates the video source characteristics and selects the appropriate filter and conversion algorithms. Separate horizontal and vertical filters provide an extra level of control for the elimination of flicker, alias, and moire patterns. This product is housed in a 2U chassis. Pan, scan, and zoom controls enable fine tuning of the selected aspect ratio. This unit accepts 525, 625, and off-speed PAL digital video. Price: Not available. (Burbank, CA; 818-843-4831;


By Vela

CineCast HD/1 and HD/2: These single- and dual-channel SCSI-based high-definition 4:2:0 MPEG-2 decoders support all 18 ATSC formats and are capable of decoding DVB- and ARIB-compliant transport streams. Command and media data are received through an Ultra SCSI-2 LVDS interface. The systems’ features include dual-channel stereo decoding of MPEG layer audio, Dolby Digital (AC-3), or AAC audio. Both systems are packaged in a 1RU chassis. Price: Not available. (Clearwater, FL; 727-507-5300;

AV Monitoring/Conversion

By Evertz Microsystems

7760AVM: This series of plug-in cards enables users in a modern broadcast facility to monitor video and audio signals. This unit can be installed in the company’s standard 3RU 7700 frame. Features include serial digital or composite analog outputs with superimposed, in-picture bar graph audio level meters, audio phase error indication, in-picture source-ID and in-picture status for V-chip rating, closed captions, and other decoded VBI data. An onscreen menu offers a choice of bar graph scales, translucency of display and position, and a variety of alarm thresholds. Price: Not available. (Burlington, Ontario; 905-335-3700;

Cameras & Lighting

Pan and Tilt Head

By Vinten

Vision 3: This responsive pan and tilt head, designed for the new smaller, lighter video cameras, weighs a lightweight 5 pounds. The head’s features include an infinitely variable detented and calibrated LF fluid drag system, illuminated leveling bubble, full 90-degree tilt, and simple interchangeable spring balancing. Price: Not available. (Suffolk, UK; +44 1284 752121;

Entry-Level Digital Cinema


QuBit EL: This entry-level SD/HD device with room for expansion can easily accommodate as many as 18 hours of HD material for continuous playback. Remote interface options enable the operator to record and edit content while providing users with simplicity, security, and control. This offering handles images in more than 20 formats ranging from PAL and NTSC through a number of HD formats, both progressive and interlaced. Remote GUI interface options to record and edit content are available. Price: Not available. (Topeka, KS; 785-272-3656;

Pan/Tilt Camera

By Hitachi Denshi

Pan/Tilt Camera Unit: Both three- and one-chip versions are offered. These units are designed for automated use by small market television stations and webcasting facilities. The company also offers the environmentally sealed Eagle pan/tilt system for remote observation applications. Price: Not available. (Woodbury, NY; 516-682-4427;

Robotic Positioner

By Pro-Four Video Products

Model 2000RP: Intended for use with cameras that weigh as much as 35 pounds, this product features an on-board digital receiver, through-the-unit wiring, including control, power, and video, and the company’s “true balance” load-balancing system. An optical encoder, closed-loop servo control design ensures preset positioning accuracies as fine as one arc minute. Price: Not available. (Clearwater, FL; 727-447-6389;


Plasma Display Mounts

By Premier Mounts

Slimline mount series: These mounts are designed to securely hold plasma displays closer to the wall, while maintaining the features of their predecessor, the PDM series, including easy adjustment and easy lift-out removal. Available in both tilting and flat styles, the tilting mount offers a continuous tilt range of zero to 20 degrees in landscape or portrait positioning with the company’s dual-arm, screw-tilt drive. The flat mount has two spring-loaded safety catches to help hold it securely against the wall. With this mount, the plasma display is secured less than one inch from the wall. Price: Not available. (Brea, CA; 800-368-9700;

Content Delivery

By VertigoXMedia

Producer On Air 2.0: Including Producer Interactive and Producer Mobile, this product represents a cross-media platform that automates the formatting and delivery of content. Producer Interactive is an authoring and control tool for interactive television applications and is compatible with all current set top box standards, including ATVEF and MHP. Producer Mobile enables the delivery of dynamic content to mobile devices, such as wireless phones and personal digital assistants. Price: Not available. (Montreal, Quebec; 877-483-7844;

Optical Beam Communications

By Canon Broadcast

DT-50/SDI/Canobeam III: This latest version of the Canobeam system enables full bandwidth wireless transmission of a variety of digital video signals. With a combination of video codec, multiple streams of bi-directional video transmission can be transmitted up to 1.25 miles with a direct line of sight, and when used with an HD-SDI converter, HDTV wireless transmission can be provided. The Canobeam’s use is unregulated and no frequency allocation is required. Price: Not available. (Englewood Cliffs, NJ; 201-816-2900;

Shared Storage

By Accom

AFFINITY/san: For facilities that need more than one nonlinear edit suite, this product offers real-time, simultaneous high-bandwidth access to multiple users with a Fibre Channel connection to a storage area network (SAN). Several NT workstations can access and store files directly on the SAN and share footage and graphics at the same time. Price: Not available. (Menlo Park, CA; 650-328-3818;

News Program Web Streaming

By ParkerVision

PVTV WebSTATION for NEWS: This live and on-demand professional broadcast web streaming turnkey system uses the company’s Transition Macro technology to stream live broadcast material with multimedia graphics, advertisements, and URL links. Stations can automatically edit program output for on-demand access by viewers, thereby eliminating the post-production process. Producers can automatically create a broadcast version and an Internet version of the same newscast. The Internet version can contain “bonus material” similar to that offered on DVDs. This system can be integrated with the company’s PVTV Studio News or it can be used as a standalone system for streaming program output from standard production systems. Price: Not available. (Jacksonville, FL; 904-737-1367;

HDTV Receiver/Scaler

By Princeton Graphic Systems

HDT-2000: This receiver’s tuner supports all 18 ATSC as well as VHF/UHF/CTV NTSC formats. Standard NTSC signals from sources, such as a DVD player, DSS, VCR, hard disk recorder, or cable, are scaled to 1080i resolution for high-definition displays. Both standard and high-definition sources are output in high-definition 1080i resolution via either component video (Y, Pb, Pr) from the RCA jacks or RGBHV on a VGA-type 15-pin dSub connection. The receiver’s on-screen display and remote control offer a complete menu of features and enable easy set up and usage. A Freeze Frame and nine-quadrant Zoom feature bring viewers closer to the action in any material. Price: $899. (Santa Ana, CA; 800-747-6249;

Video Signal Synchronizer

By Prime Image

Model D1 SYNC+: This full-function frame synchronizer has a serial digital interface and features ProcAmp controls. This device fits in a standard rack, occupying a 1U space. Operational control is from the faceplate or with optional rack-mounted or handheld remote controls. Video is fed into the unit through a serial digital interface and distributed through four serial digital interface outputs. It automatically selects for 525 or 625 format. Controls include video, color and set-up levels, hue, and a freeze selector that enables the user to choose field one, field two, or a frame. Price: Not available. (San Jose, CA; 408-867-6519;

Video Snake

By Telemetrics

BOA: BOA (Break Out Adapter) enables the user to connect all of the devices that are normally required for video production plus power to a control room using a single coax cable connection. This product features the industry-standard connectors for a camera, monitor, teleprompter, microphone, pan/tilt mechanism, headset/intercom, and a light. It can be used as a standalone unit at the camera site or in a dual rack-mount configuration using optional brackets. Price: Not available. (Mahwah, NJ; 201-848-9818;

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