It’s Still Overkill

It’s Still Overkill

Boy, could I relate to a reader’s letter, printed in your October issue, complaining about undefined acronyms in a July Video Systems article.

Admittedly new to the field, I grew frustrated reading Steve Mullen’ article “On CCD Size and DSR-390L” in the October issue, which used the acronym “CCD” 37 times without defining or explaining it. Matt Maley Bronxville, N.Y.

Big changes afoot at Avid?

The recent interview by Bob Turner with David Krall, CEO of Avid, was very interesting. Things are changing at Avid, and the new Avid products are very exciting. What doesn’t seem to be changing is the corporate culture. In a recent call to Avid I was confronted with the same user unfriendliness I first experienced when I bought my Media Composer eight years ago. L. Kamerling Fairbanks, Ala.

DVStorm2 review comes in handy

I just read an article by Steve Mullen about the Canopus DVStorm2 (Edit Review, April 2003).He mentions that Adobe Premiere 6.5 wouldn’t work with the card – and yes, I tried it before I installed the new Premiere and it didn’t play properly. However, as I’ve just bought a new version of the DVStorm2 package, it now comes with drivers for Premiere Pro, which work quite well.

I’m using Edius 1.5 over Premiere though, as it is a much slicker package. And yes, in answer to Steve’s question, the hyperthreading P4 3GHz definitely makes about a 35% difference over a P4 2.6. This is one card that will certainly improve with age. Edius is very smooth, and it’s gone though more improvements in the last three months than most packages go though in a year. Apparently Canopus Japan has an entire floor of coders and developers working on Edius, and it shows.

Thank you for the review anyway. It was one I looked over and confirmed I was making the right decision. Having Premiere Pro work with it is a bonus. Chris Mylrea director Cybertrix Media

‘Curse of DV’ fight continues

“The Curse of DV Revisited” by Barry Braverman (December 2002) was beautifully written. Hats off to him. He must be a remarkable DP and writer. I cannot start to tell you how much I appreciate his research. I have a DVX100 and a Chrosziel screw-on matte box. However, my collection of filters is more for analog Betacam. Thanks for the forewarning on the Black Pro Mist. I will be calling Band Pro soon to order these filters. Jayme Roy

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Gone out of business

I read an article by Peter Putnam regarding videowalls or “datawalls.” He referred to a company called General Video Corporation. I am trying to contact someone who can repair a 3×3 videowall and distributor made by that company. It seems the Quakertown, Pa., information is no longer valid. Do you have any info that could help me? Richard Allen minister of music First Church Sterling Heights, Mich.

Pete Putman responds: My understanding is that General Video has gone out of business. I drove by their former offices a few months back and they were empty. Sorry, I have no other info about the company’s status.

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