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Edit Tools

HDV editing gets affordable

With competitively priced HDV camcorders on the market, HDV post is set to explode. Canopus helps by pricing its new Edius NX for HDV editing setup at an entry-level tab, while delivering multiple layers of realtime HDV and SD editing, effects, and compositing. Want real HD? The hardware accelerator can expand HDV’s 1440 resolution to HD 1080i’s 1920 res during output. Besides Edius Pro 3 NLE software, the package also includes a 5.25in. breakout bay. Bundled programs include Inscriber TitleMotion HD, Ulead DVD Workshop Express, and Sony Screenblast ACID 4.0.

Price: $2098 ($1299 for an HDV-ready version, upgradeable for $799) San Jose, Calif.; (888) 899-3348 www.canopus.com

More for less

As the HDV market heats up, a range of new editing solutions confronts anyone prepping for post. But check out Liquid Edition version 6, from industry veteran Pinnacle Systems. Not only does the NLE app deliver native editing, compositing, and realtime effects for HDV, MPEG-2, and DV, but it also delivers the software at a price point so low you might think there’s a typo. The PRO version adds a breakout box designed by famed F. A. Porsche; the box offers I/O for composite, component, and S-Video, as well as stereo in, surround out, and S/PDIF I/O, all via a simple plug-and-play USB-2 port. New creative tools include advanced video effects, via a Steinberg-designed audio effects engine that includes an audio mixer, Dolby Digital encoder, and multicam editing support.

Price: $499 (Liquid Edition version 6); $999 (PRO version with breakout box) Mountain View, Calif.; (650) 526-1600; www.pinnaclesys.com

SD and HD for the Mac

Mac users can now find various HD editing solutions, but companies offering integrated turnkey solutions are few. Except for Media 100, that is. The company not only offers its Media 100 HD system with a hot realtime graphics card, but users also benefit from the sophistication delivered with a decade of NLE development. Version 10 software supports up to 99 video tracks, with each able to contain video, motion graphics with embedded alpha channels, titles, and still image data. Keying chops include realtime RGB, YUV, HSL modes and softness/offset controls. There are also RGB and YUV color correction, realtime audio effects, and a 19in. rack-mountable I/O breakout box with genlock.

Price: About $12,000 (Includes Apple Power Mac G5 workstation, breakout box, storage, card, software) Marlboro, Mass.; (800) 773-1770; www.media100.com

Capture DV, simply

Did you know that you don’t need an NLE program to capture DV footage from your camcorder? Any FireWire-equipped PC can take in video directly, something that could be handy when on-location with only a laptop. That’s where MooGear’s DV Capture 1.0 app comes in. The software makes sure all 1394-based camcorders work easily with a PC, while making PCs more compatible with FireWire-connecting camcorders beyond the limits of Windows standard setup. DV Capture eases the capture of DV (NTSC and PAL), enables deck control with on-screen transport buttons, and delivers a half resolution VGA playback during preview and capture.

Price: $25 (Free trial download) Chevy Chase, Md.; (301) 576-6196; www.moogear.com

Cutting the wires

Taking a laptop to a client to work out an edit makes sense, as today’s more powerful ones easily handle realtime editing. But if you need more storage, hauling an array and stringing it up can be a hassle. That’s why you might consider Tritton’s Wi-Fi NAS. With its integrated 802.11g wireless connection – you can also plug in an Ethernet cable – the unit delivers 54Mbps throughput. The Wi-Fi NAS works with Windows, Linux, and Mac clients; configure it via a Web browser that can be used to retrieve files remotely. Users can have read/write access at the same time, while the unit can perform scheduled system backup via third-party software. It weighs slightly more than 3lbs. and measures 7.6″x6.7″x2.5″.

Price: $399 (120GB); $499 (200GB) Vista, Calif; (760) 599-0514 www.trittontechnologies.com

High-resolution cables

With high-definition images in demand these days, so are HD components. To meet this demand, Comprehensive Video offers its HR Pro series of cables. The company says the cables’ high-resolution coax is engineered for picture perfect presentations from DVD players, plasma displays, video projectors, and other HD display devices. Among the most notable of the HR Pro products is the VGA15P-3RCA-10HR, a 10ft., 15-pin VGA/UXGA cable with three RCA plugs. Other VGA/UXGA cables include the MVGA15P-P-10HR (15-pin to 15-pin) and the MVGA15P-P-10HR/A (15-pin to 15-pin with audio). All cables come with a lifetime warranty.

Price: $59.95 (VGA15P-3RCA-10HR); $39 (MVGA15P-P-10HR); $49.95 (MVGA15P-P-10HR/A) South Hackensack, N.J., (800) 526-0242 www.comprehensiveinc.com

FireWire to go

Speedier processors, larger LCDs, and improved graphics make laptops good candidates for editing. But I/O options such as FireWire aren’t common, which limits connecting to fast external storage. Miglia addresses that with its Alchemy FW800 CB, a dual FireWire 400/800 PC Card for PC and Mac laptops. With two FireWire 800 (9-pin) connectors, the FW800 works with the latest higher speed peripherals. Want to run your FireWire 400 peripherals too? The unit’s single “old-style” 6-pin FireWire port means there’s no need to purchase 9-to-6-pin converter cables.

Price: $80 Tring, UK; +44 (0) 870 747 2988; www.miglia.com

All-in-one portable fiber

Evertz’s new 7700MFOS portable fiber optic system – which travels in a single case – is designed to make mobile production easier. The 7700MFOS supports multiple wavelengths over a single fiber, and is bi-directional. The system can transport SD-SDI, HD-SDI, analog video, RS-232/422, 10/100 Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and many other signal types. It includes travel case, 3RU frame, breakout cable, and a 984ft. (300m) fiber cable reel. Also featured is VistaLINK software to remotely control Evertz 77xx VistaLINK-enabled cards via SNMP. Additional options include redundant power supplies for card frames, Anton Bauer Quad battery holder, and an AC/DC power changeover unit.

Price: Not available. Burlington, Ontario; (905) 335-3700; www.evertz.com

Digital display extenders

Gefen’s Extend-it products have long been a popular choice for extending the reach of workstations. Now the company gives the products a digital upgrade with its CAT5-1000 DVI and CAT5-5000 DVI extenders. Designed for use with digital displays, each extender sends analog audio, digital video, and USB keyboard/mouse control signals up to 165ft. via Cat-5. The 1000 model uses one cable for a one-monitor workstation, while the 5000 uses two cables for a two-monitor workstation. Both extenders operate through sender and receiver units powered by an external power supply. Video resolutions up to 1920×1200 are supported.

Price: $695 (CAT5-1000 DVI); $995 (CAT5-5000 DVI) Woodland Hills, Calif.; (818) 884-6294; www.gefen.com

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