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Byline: Trevor Boyer

Suite silence

To dampen the constant buzz that’s been growing in individual editing suites ever since equipment (and its fans and tape transports) started migrating from separate rooms, Noren Products offers its line of AcoustiLock cabinets. Close the cabinet door, and noise is reduced up to 38dB thanks to triple acoustic barriers; a free-floating, vibration-dampened rack; air-tight gasketing; and a double-paned glass door. Heat isn’t a by-product of noise reduction, as Noren’s patented Heat Pipe technology silently cools the virtually airtight cabinet. Cables lie in acoustic foam to create a tight seal. Houses up to 28 RU of equipment in three different models.

Price: Varies. Menlo Park, Calif.; 650-322-9500; www.acoustilock.com

Pinnacle in the middle

As Pinnacle Systems will tell you, it has one of the most popular consumer video editing products with its Studio line. But what about that middle ground between consumer and high end? The new Edition NLE answers that question. Another market hole Pinnacle is attempting to fill is the PC answer to a G4/Final Cut Pro combo – an affordable turnkey solution that includes compositing and effects software. Pinnacle is partnering with HP to offer a box counterpart to the software, and has certified Edition on most other popular PCs. Based on the interface of Blue, Edition bundles or integrates versions of Commotion, Impression, Hollywood FX, and TitleDeko. Edition includes a 1394 PCI card and is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP.

Price: $699. Mountain View, Calif.; 650-526-1600; www.pinnaclesys.com

DV for broadcast

With a 30-year history, Laird Telemedia is a well-known, established company in traditional video for broadcast. These days the company recognizes the importance of supporting video producers who work with software-based NLE programs, and it focuses on the production of “DV for broadcast.” At the center of that production is the DVora PC media engine. In a silver aluminum tower or a rackmount setup, the DVora features front inputs for IEEE-1394, component, composite, Y/C, and XLR audio. It transcodes analog material for use in Avid Xpress DV, and features technology that delivers a horizontally stable, true RS170A SCH locked signal for broadcast of DV material.

Price: Varies. Mount Marion, N.Y.; 845-339-9555; www.lairdtelemedia.com


The “Ken Burns look” comes cheap with MovingPicture, the flagship plug-in from StageTools. Back with version 3.0, the program pans and zooms on high-resolution still images from within an NLE timeline. Documentarians will enjoy new features like adjustable eases, batch rendering, and image-preparation options. Execution is easy: Dragging and sizing a framing box on an image changes the view and adds keyframes to the timeline. The motion previews in realtime. Also new is MovingChart, which takes text or spreadsheet data and creates animated bar, pie, and line charts in 3D. The resulting charts can be drawn over a video background and previewed in realtime. Currently available as a standalone, MovingChart will soon be offered as a plug-in. Price: $199 for either. (Middleburg, Va.; 540-592-7001; www.stagetools.com)

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